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  1. No film on the back of the panel
  2. Got Julie an LG B6. Saw the samsung ks8000 at best buy next to the b6 and it seemed super harsh even though it was on sale for 950. Those who also got the b6, did you have a film on top of the screen that you had to peel off? Tv we got had the yellow energy sticker on it. Just wondering why on earth they would stick that directly to the panel but I don't see a protective film. Also don't want to damage the screen from heat if there is indeed a film. Thoughts?
  3. That was quite amazing. If only I could have a pb/j sammich right now...
  4. R. Free. Lots of documentation available. You can probably grab previously published code and change it to fit your needs as opposed to writing it from scratch. I hate using square brackets so never liked Mathematica for that reason alone. Also, back when I was required to use it, everything was too yellow...their documentation, logo, splash page etc. Hated that shade of yellow.
  5. The distortion is slightly more apparent on my desktop monitor. On my phone it looked near perfect.
  6. Fantastic images padam. Care to divulge how you managed to get the first one so parallel? A stitch is what I'm guessing but I've never been able to get the lines to go straight like you have been able to. Or did you just crop the image before things started distorting?
  7. Tonight we have skirt steak seared with yellow squash and white onions in a sweet pineapple glaze over yellow jasmine rice cooked with cardamom, saffron fennel and garlic.
  8. crappyjones123


    This episode took me to New Orleans. Had the pleasure of listening to Doreen live a few years ago. Just a magical performance.
  9. Butter chicken. Had some white wine left over from yesterday so added that to the sauce. Not as buttery as I had hoped for but still pretty good.
  10. I was told that the only wine I should cook with is wine I would actually drink. Since I don't drink wine (or any alcohol, really), I don't know if the wine I used was good or not - I asked a friend for a suggestion. The food tasted good PS. Chicken marinating overnight for butter chicken tomorrow. Following a recipe from the same website.
  11. Coq au vin blanc (added my own twist to it with zucchini, jalapeno peppers and mushrooms...found the recipe at http://www.donalskehan.com/recipes/coq-au-vin-blanc/ Turned out wonderful despite it being my third attempt cooking with wine.
  12. crappyjones123


    Called out of work today from being quite sick this weekend. Didn't want to get others sick. Caught up on the last few episodes and I think it might be my favorite show of all time. I don't think Anthony Hopkins gets nearly the credit he deserves. Didn't realize Evan Rachel Wood was such a great actress. Also, what Dusty said..."what door?"
  13. Zach, that is her office setup as well currently, with a T410 so glad to hear the surface will be a smooth transition. I am eyeing the i5 with 16gb ram. Trying to keep things under $1500 if possible. Since the ram is soldered on and no way of upgrading later, I think the 16gb will be more suitable for future applications. Might even be able to run lightroom/photoshop on it without killing the machine. I don't know if there will be an appreciable difference between the i5 and i7 processors in day to day usage.
  14. For rounds I'll have my iPhone. No one carries tablets at my hospital other than admin. Too bulky and in the off chance there is a code and I am expected to help in some remote fashion, then the tablet just gets in the way. This machine will likely just sit in the residents lounge where we have to log patients every day and do dumb modules. For whatever reason the hospital just started this requirement of no Macs. I'm still trying to press them to let me use the MacBook air with boot camp since they freak out every time they see parallels but in the event i need to buy a new machine, I'm starting to gravitate towards the surface. Does anyone have experience with using it for processor intensive tasks? I realise it is a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop but in my stereotyping head it's still a tablet and therefore not powerful enough to handle the job that it might be used for in a year.
  15. Any suggestions for non graphics inclined work? I am in need of a windows machine - even macs with bootcamp are not allowed for whatever reason. The ability to write on the computer would be nice although not necessary. Leaning towards a surface pro 4 but having not used a pc in probably 6 years I have no idea what the current landscape is like. The T460s is another option. Is there anything else I should be considering? Julie does a little bit of CAD work for roofing but mostly excel and estimating software stuff so after this year I was thinking I could give her the laptop for work instead of selling it. Keeping that in mind, any suggestions?
  16. The whole thing can be streamed on espn http://espn.go.com/30for30/ojsimpsonmadeinamerica/
  17. If I can find something comfortable, I'd rather go for that. In the current shoes I have, which I have only worn for 2 hours at a time, I get the worst knee pain immediately after (I have super duper flat feet and am an extreme over pronator). I have red wing boots for hiking but they have a different insole that is rather stiff. Not nearly as much of arch support as the brooks I am wearing but it doesn't hurt me knees. The dress shoes I have are from high school - never needed to wear them for over a few hours so never bothered to buy different ones. Brent, I wear 10.5 4E in NB and Brooks. Zach do you have any suggestions for rubber soled shoes?
  18. I can't either. But for clinicals there are some doctors that don't like scrubs/running shoes and require a tie and what not.
  19. Do you have any experience with their wide sizes? I wear a 4E and have had trouble finding decent dress shoes. After having the current pair resoled 3 times, I think it is time for a new pair. the widest the link you shared has 3E. Wonder if they run wider than usual.
  20. Tilapia in basil and tomato sauce with cumin, chipotle peppers, garlic and cinnamon sugar in the meat Jacuzzi @140F for 15 min and then seared quickly on the cast iron pan. Made some rice pilaf and sauteed some onions, mushrooms and lettuce in marsala. Surprisingly good.
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