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  1. I have never seen montblancs mentioned in any sort of list of pens of any caliber. That being said I have never used one so don't know if it is all just clever branding or if there is any merit to their asking price. Anyone have one? There's a Montblanc store at the local mall that I was told I could not enter unless I was going to buy something that day. Needless to say I did not bother going inside after that even though I did go in with the mindset of grabbing something. That was a few years ago and I never bothered to revisit the brand. Instead, I found other pens that didn't cost nearly as much that gave me a lot of pleasure to use.
  2. Oddly enough, the pen I tried the ink with first is cheaper than the bottle of ink itself Got myself a pilot metropolitan fine nib in the same order and it is surprisingly nice for being $12.50 shipped. The fine nib is finer than the other fine nibs I have and has a nice bit of feedback to it. Having never written with anything as scratchy, I don't have any feelings for or against it but it's growing on me. I only have a yellow source of light right now at my desk and the overhead white light in the room is not bright enough to get rid of the shadows caused by my hand so I'll try to take a picture of some random notes a little bit later. It is not nearly as dark as it seems in the bottle nor is it as pale as it seems on the label on the bottle on the outside. It seems like just the right amount of blueness for me. I am yet to find a heavy enough pen =/ The rotring 600 pencils/ballpoint pens have spoilt me. All these fountain pens I have tried don't seem to carry nearly the amount of weight I find myself wanting. The Rosetta North Star is the heaviest one I have and it is just on the wrong side of the balance I prefer. Posting the cap messes with the center of gravity so I don't like doing that. I would love to grab a rotring 600 fountain pen but given the cost and the lack of spare parts makes it a non viable option.
  3. Just got this and a pilot metropolitan fine nib. Not sure I have seen a sexier bottle of ink. Just oozes awesomeness.
  4. Where did you get a cut of lamb that thick, Dan?
  5. 65" lg e6 on amazon for $3000 currently.
  6. Brent advised to share this here. Any interest?
  7. Sprint had a plan a few weeks/months ago (not sure if they still have it going. I signed up in late February. Gave them my old ATT iphone and got an iphone 7 18 month lease for "free" (don't have any monthly payments). 1st line is $50, 2nd line is $40 (if you set up auto pay) + taxes. Lines 3, 4 and 5 are free until March, 2018. After which time I think they are $20 each or $30 each/month. Even with the jump, it is still less than what we were paying with ATT. There's no throttling that I have noticed. Between Julie and myself, we are going through ~70gb of data every month. Plus whatever the kids and my sister use (~40gb between the three of them). My sister is in school in San Francisco and has not noticed any coverage issues. I was there a few months ago and was perfectly fine. Only time it's been an issue is when we are driving through random sections of Alligator Alley but that's patchy service for any provider.
  8. Got my mom the new macbook pro (i5/8gb/256gb) for her birthday. She had been using her 1st generation macbook air since it came out and it was starting to have issues. She mostly has a ton of browser tabs open, uses office software and does simple photo/video editing but she is certainly not a power user. The machine is quite snappy and should serve her well for some time to come.
  9. Every Indian kids favorite snack. The ones actually sold in India taste waaaay different (better).
  10. " I purchased a LG OLED65C6P for $2299 (no charge for freight) 5-17-17 at a Memorial day sale. The next morning I received a call from Steven to call him at 800-992-2237 ext 272. He told me that I had ordered an European model and that the USA model is $2999. I said, "No, I did not order a European model and that I am not going to pay $2999." I found the advertisement and it was still current on the internet for $2999 and listed two specs for it that were both USA Specs. I called back up and asked for the manager. I said that I am looking at the ad and it is a US model and I want it for $2299. I was told that the best I could do was $2499. I said, "No." I want the one they are advertising right now. They finally conceded and said that it will be $2299 but they are not delivering it free but will charge $290 due to insurance on the delivery. I said, "No," and said, "I will do all in my power to expose Abe's of Maine as a dishonorable company." My receipt is copied off the screen at the end of the sale. I did not see a way to print it. I am sure now that that was on purpose on the part of Abe's." https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/abes-of-maine.html I looked at those websites too because they had the 55" b6 for an absurd price of $1200. The potential headache wasn't worth it to me. Buyer beware.
  11. I purchased the 55" B6 for Julie recently for $1999 from best buy and got a $500 LG sound bar/sub for $250 more. Talked them into throwing in a free LG universal remote as well. The b6 keeps up going back and forth to that price at best buy - I'd be happy to facilitate a sale if needed - I keep getting random coupons in the email ever since I got the tv. Floor model came with a full warranty for $1600 but I couldn't do it. It was my first "big" purchase so wanted it to be a new tv.
  12. Check out the zalman zm 1 mic. It's the mic I used when I used to play counter strike. It has a little clip thing that attaches to the headphone cable as that was the intended use. It wasn't designed to be used clipped to a shirt perhaps.
  13. Last night I used an oversized paper clip (the clamp type) to affix the Mic to my shirt. Seemed to work well in the 5 second test I did. Will try it with an hour long talk to see if the paperclip adds noise to the recording when it moves or keeps the Mic in a steady position.
  14. Freak of a game. They aren't shooting 60% from 3 again.
  15. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/smartLavPls Would this be a reasonable choice?
  16. I didn't even know he was going Out with one of them.
  17. Night night Bron Bron.
  18. I use snagit from techsmith to get record a screencapture from the surface pro with audio from the source I select (currently the zalman mic). I have tried using the built in mic in the surface but a few seconds after the recording starts the surface fan starts spinning at max rpm and that noise gets into the video. I would like to avoid adding another step to the whole process of adding the audio from the iPhone to the screen capture and then have to sync it. So looking for something I can plug in directly into the surface or something that Snagit will recognize even if it is a wireless device. Those tend to be outside my budget anyways so looking for wired solutions I guess. I'll check out that website. Thank you.
  19. Need something to use with my surface pro 4 (usb or something wireless). I also have a cheap 1 square inch usb dac that I can plug in a 1/8" Jack for headphones and mics. Purpose is to record talks, presentations, lectures etc while I present/write on the surface pro. I currently have a zalman zm1 mic from my gaming days that I am currently using but I have to hold it to my face the whole time which is unprofessional and well, after holding the mic there for ~2 to 3 hours, my arm cramps pretty bad (it doesn't have a clip that I could use to clip it to my shirt/lapel). Google search has led me to mics and receivers and Wi-Fi extenders and god knows what else. Budget is $300. I need something reliable and good. Some lecture/talks might be published so don't want microphonic cables - the zalman Mic is absolutely horrible when it comes to this. @Knuckledragger, Brent said to check with you, but if anyone else has suggestions, please share them. I was recently gifted a blue yeti microphone and it is great for desktop use. It's a fantastic mic overall but not exactly portable. Thoughts/suggestions?
  20. I think a middle school travel team would have scored more points by now. Celtics are really stinking it up this series.
  21. No film on the back of the panel
  22. Got Julie an LG B6. Saw the samsung ks8000 at best buy next to the b6 and it seemed super harsh even though it was on sale for 950. Those who also got the b6, did you have a film on top of the screen that you had to peel off? Tv we got had the yellow energy sticker on it. Just wondering why on earth they would stick that directly to the panel but I don't see a protective film. Also don't want to damage the screen from heat if there is indeed a film. Thoughts?
  23. That was quite amazing. If only I could have a pb/j sammich right now...
  24. R. Free. Lots of documentation available. You can probably grab previously published code and change it to fit your needs as opposed to writing it from scratch. I hate using square brackets so never liked Mathematica for that reason alone. Also, back when I was required to use it, everything was too yellow...their documentation, logo, splash page etc. Hated that shade of yellow.
  25. The distortion is slightly more apparent on my desktop monitor. On my phone it looked near perfect.
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