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  1. Lil knight, please check your inbox, sent you a pm regarding the missing boards from my group buy order.
  2. That's an RBT Unico, Rui Borges turntables. He is a professional turntable builder with quite a few years of experience. Check his website : http://www.ruiborgesturntables.com/Ingles/indexingles.htm
  3. Is it possible to use it single ended with just one board?
  4. Ok, thanks for the explanation. Any sugestions regarding a simple no frills arduino board to use with an analog pot?
  5. Kerry, regarding the programing of the board, do they come pre programed or do we need to buy the arduino board to program the IC? To use a simple pot to control the att, does it need programing? Could you elaborate a bit more on this?
  6. I would like to propose everybody rounds up their payment with just one dolar so that when the group buy is over Lil knight get get himself some nice cold beer or wine!
  7. I'm in for 2 sets of KGSSHV, 1 onboard, 1 offboards. Regarding the transformer, I assume people are going with SumR? If we agree with on a configuration with dual primaries for 110/220V we might get a good price as to people buying seperately.
  8. Does the increased voltage and biasing from using the side mounted sinks version substantially improves the SQ or is it more subtle? I'm leaning towards the on-board sinks version, as the build would become much much easier to do, but I can definitely do the heat-sink drilling and tapping if this yields substantial improvement.
  9. Regarding the onboard version of the KGSSHV, it is the exact same schematic except the fact that voltage and biasing will be slightly lower right?
  10. Regarding mounting the amp boards on the pesante 3G case, do the heatsinks have enough depth to allow blind tapered holes? This board layout somehow kills the "easy to build" feature.
  11. Ok, I'll take 2 extra boards only then. These will go to storage in case I have some use in the future. Please let me know how much for the extra 2 boards. Is the shipping cost of the 2 assembled boards enough to include these?
  12. Cool! Are you still able to put me in for 2 bare boards and relays in addition to my two completed boards?
  13. Looks great! What resistors did you end up choosing??
  14. Paid, sorry for the delay! PM sent
  15. Thanks guys!! Had a great day yesterday ending with dinner with family and friends! Al, we have free coffee at the Tower and lots of planes to control (they don't let us go to sleep, ever)
  16. That's quite a sum for resistors! Is there anything not as crazy as z foils but above the "regular" vishay dales?
  17. I'm not sure about others, but I am participating based on the estimate price of 88-108$, and even if it goes up to 150$ it's a good price for such a attenuator, but making them in the RK50 range would definitely put me out. I suspect some other folks would either cut down the number of assembled boards or just bail out. While the z foils are the absolute best in terms of performance, will it really make a difference when the other resistors in the preamp circuit, power amp, etc are "of less quality"?
  18. I think that SMD resistors are much easier to work with since you don't have to be flipping the board and cutting the leads all the time. Fine tweezers and a bit of practice and it's much faster than soldering through hole resistors. The smallest I did where 0506 and those were on the limit of size, but the 1206 ones are quite nice to work with.
  19. Surface mount is great as long as the resistors aren't the really tiny ones. Smaller board is always nicer.
  20. I don't want to speak for Kerry, but I would assume that won't be a problem as I'm in Europe as well.
  21. That's nice! Kerry, please add me to the list, 2 assembled boards.
  22. That's easy but no so practical, the easiest would be a pot wired to the board controling the relays.
  23. What is being planned to control the attenuator? Will there be any programing involved by the "end user"? Or will it be possible to use a pot like in similar attenuators?
  24. x2 If the performance doesn't change with the internal heatsinks it will be much easier to build, not to mention much cheaper!
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