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  1. I was mentioning the rega speakers story. I'll tell you another: I bought a lyngdorf audio amp and speakers about one year ago at the portuguese dealer, who gave me a 15% discount on a brand that has a fixed price list. the prices online are all the same everywhere, so I got a very nice deal. There are good dealers and bad ones everywhere!
  2. Well it isn't fair for a dealer to spend money having a store, stocking products and employing people, having you go there to listen and choose products, and then go buy somewhere else. If one wants to do that then they should order the product from the shop with the great price and return it if they don't like it and the shop allows. One shouldn't have a cake and eat it too in this situation. I can't understand how supersonido gets away with some of the prices they practice, most brands have some sort of price list that dealers should abide.
  3. Guys, a question for those who used AMB's o78/79 regulators. Do I need to isolate the PCB from the heatsinks?
  4. @cspirou Arrow has free international shipping, so I just ordered from them. Thanks for you help anyway!
  5. thanks, that would be great. I'll send you a pm later today.
  6. It seems I have forgotten to order the MMBTA56 SOT 23 transistors. Does anyone have 6 of these by any chance that they would be willing to sell me? Ordering from mouser will cost me an arm and a leg in shipping and customs for 1 dollar worth of parts.
  7. They should all point to the same side indeed, but I for some reason I can't understand I soldered them this way... ? Regarding the 0ohm jumpers, I didn't understand I should only install them after testing the amp, I'll remove them tomorrow as well then.
  8. Underside of the dynalo mini done, just need to clean the flux residue when it's all done. Those 0805 resistors are starting to be the smaller I can solder without magnifying glasses. I just noticed looking at the picture that the tantalum capacitors don't have the positive to the same side of the board. I must hsve confused this somehow and will take care of it in the morning.
  9. I'm starting building my dynalo mini next monday, I tryed to find info regarding DC offset adjustment, and how to adjust each pot, but couldn't find any info.
  10. There is space inside for one of those ultra quiet computer fans. With a reduced voltage removing a bit of air from inside the box might help.
  11. Have you measured the top.of the transistors without the sinks?
  12. Regarding the output transistors heatsinks, what size should I look for?
  13. Parts ordered for a mini dynalo, should be here in a couple of weeks.
  14. Finally got my boards through customs. Great packing Steve, thanks and the quality is awesome!
  15. Could someone point me to the latest bom for the mini? I had one but cant find it.
  16. Got my package yesterday, great quality for the price! There were 2 silver screws and nuts, what are those for? Can't remember
  17. I'm more concerned about phillips head getting worn out. Ss is a side benefit for me. Do you have a link for the akkugroup product? I might have better shipping rates and then ship to you.
  18. LED hole would better be 3mm as most common leds are 3mm.
  19. Thank you Tyll for all you brought to this hobby! Safe travels and have fun!
  20. Thanks Guys! Had a great one with the family on holidays!
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