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  1. The ones supporting the front panel? They are an extra from hifi2000 to make the front panel without visible mounting holes.
  2. Well I haven't tested the preamp alone. I replaced a Rega Brio integrated with the salas phono stage, BA3 pre and F4 power amps. Overall the improvement was very impressive. Much better control of the low end and also a wider soundstage with more "air". Overall the sound is quite "musical, but not the most detailed.( the ba3 is not know for being the most detailed amplifier out there.). When I connect a digital source there is also some improvement so I can say the the phono stage is responsible for some of that nice sound! Here are the latest pics: Dirty psu section with line filter. Dual mono PSU umbilical. The black knob works as on/off switch, input selection and volume control. When turned on there are 2 numeric led displays on behind the black acrylic for volume display. 64 steps Control board for the attenuator/source selector. Remote control receiver on the front side, Cat5 wiring for signal. Salas SSLV regulators, BA3 front end at 30V and relaixed passive attenuator. using vishay self resistors. The control board for the attenuator is in the front panel and the power relay/5V control voltage section pcb is in the psu case. 8 wire umbilical carries control wiring and dual mono DC for the regulators. "gain" is the output from the BA3 preamp, "0db" does not have any active circuitry in the signal, so it is a passive preamp output, "loop" simply outputs the selected source, so it is just a source selector. The two AC female connectors are controlled by the preamp on/off relay switch (10A/250V), so when I turn the preamp on I can turn 2 other devices at the same time. ATM using one of them for the phono stage, might feed a DAC in the future with the other one. Preamp PSU. System in my DIY oak rack (solid oak kitchen countertop cut to size) A small video of the system playing, you can see the F4 power amplifier behind the left speaker. It will eventually be placed in the large lower opening in the rack, but I need to build ventilator to extract all the heat (200W) from those heatsinks. Some sort of undershelf with 140mm computer fans is on the way. https://youtu.be/OpMUCAIiMUY
  3. Long time since I posted around here but I thought I'd come by and show my latest DIY projects: First Watt F4 running on +- 32V At the moment I'm using a Millett Hibrid as preamp until I finish th BA3FE for preamp duties. Salas Folded Phono Stage, waiting for the front and back panels to arive from milling for final assembly. PSU for preamp
  4. I have pair of shure e4c, which I quite like and would only change for a pair of customs, but iems for extended home listening are not what I'm looking for.
  5. I actually gave getting a pair of customs a serious thought, but I can't justify the investment atm.
  6. Hello everyone, Long time since I last posted, but I'm in need of a pair of closed headphones and what a better place to ask around and see how everyone is doing. So I had a son last year and listening to the speaker rig or akg 701 at night with the wife sitting next to me is pretty much impossible. A pair of closed headphones must be bought to maintain the levels of sanity in between diaper changes. Tyll highly recommends the nad viso and some other focal ones, but I remembered a couple of years ago the thunder pants were very well spoken of. Is smeggy still making these? Any other closed cans I should consider? I'd like to keep the budget below 500$. Amp ATM is a first GB millett hybrid with discrete buffer, but am considering a ckk3 or maybe a torpedo. Manuel
  7. Agree as well, can be built under 200$ and sounds great! Makes a great preamp too!
  8. Anyone knows if these new players will allow the streaming of internet radio? If not it is the only thing missing to make it perfect!
  9. Hey guys, I have 2 of picaudio's teflon stax jacks I will not use up for grabs. Pm me if interested.
  10. I have two 5 pin jacks I won't be using anymore, so if someone would like to buy them, please let me know.
  11. Shouldn't the new trident regulators remove much of the need for super high quality power supply? This might be more of a change with older versions of the buffalo though!
  12. Not sure yet, I'm leaning towards a mix of them, cascoded input, 25v primaries(34v secondaries) and only two output devices per channel.This should give me about 70W into 6 ohm, which is plenty for my rega rs3's. It will be next winter only though, as I don't have a need for a heater anymore
  13. The K&K looks like a nice preamp! I didn't know them. I'll be looking for a tube preamp in the near future to use with Nelson Pass' F5 turbo which was released yesterday. This might be a good option.
  14. Wire some large conducting rubber pads to the output and you'll have an high end defibrillator!
  15. The battery could work but if you want any reasonable playing time between charges you would have to get a somewhat large one which not only increases price but also footprint. If you're looking for something more elaborate than a lm338 based PS, you can also check the placid from twistedpearaudio which has been put on par with the O11. I'm not sure of it's current capabilities though, but it comes as a kit and they also sell the transformer, so you could save on shipping costs.
  16. Cool!! I don't antecipate balanced gear in the near future and this looks quite good!
  17. Couldn't I just use the + signal for left channel and - signal for the right one and share the ground? Or is this incompatible with the ic used?
  18. I might have already asked this, but what would be the problem of using just one board as single ended?
  19. Nice! Were there any changes to the previous layout and schematic? could you post the final layout you sent to LK?
  20. I am starting to build the kgsshv and am atm searching for parts trying to figure out where to get the transistors. Mouser doesn't sell the ixis parts to europe and bdent has a 100$ shipping charge which is absurd for ordering 100$ worth of transistors. Do you know of any source for these either in europe or in the US which doesn't ask for the absurd shipping fees?
  21. There's a spreadsheet somewhere in the first pages with a wide selection of ps voltages and respective power output at different loads. According to it, the combination could feed over 300w into speaker loads with sufficient heatsinking.
  22. In the wire amp thread over at diyaudio they got best results in simulation when feeding the Lme with +10v than the output stage. This is quite simple with a regulated front end ps. There seems to be a shortage of lateral mosfets at the moment because of the floods in Taiwan, so this might be difficult to build in the next few months.
  23. While the primary use could be headphone duty, it would be nice to have the option to scale up easily. this wouldn't add much to the board cost.
  24. Rodrigo do you still have some available to sell? I'd need 3 units if possible.
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