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  1. Yeah... I didn't know I had to have permission for agroup buy... Never organized one. Jude contacted me about this and I explain it to him, then he asks some furhter questions which I answered this morning at work. I got home a couple of hours ago and didn't see the thread. No PM or anything like that. I'll be writing to Jude tomorrow, no patience today...
  2. Hello Guys, I'm organizing a group buy for mini3 kits for europe. If you're anywhere else in the globe you're welcome too! Here's a link for the thread at HF:Mini3 group buy Manuel
  3. Why don't you contact misterx for this since he built the amp? Gain is set by a couple of resistors if my memory is good, so it should be much of a problem.
  4. fanboyism started... goodbye HF thread... fuck it!
  5. Even though I don't agree with the price, I'll have to agree with AMB, he's the designer and he should negociate with Ken the terms. However I will love to read the reviews of this amp when compared to a DIY mini3 from mister x or rockhopper! ps: AMB, I don't think that the price includes a LOD, Ken will have packages, but the 285 is for the amp, 9v battery and a charger.
  6. I've asked him a couple of questions regarding the capacitor choice and why didn't he follow the designers options, he should know best right? Raelly want to hear the answer.... I think the bashing will continue, after all people are just asking him questions about a new product!
  7. *** waits anxiously for KB's answer regarding pricing!*** I wonder what he'll argue...
  8. I would put the mini3 against any portable amp in the 300-400 price range! Oh wait, I have done so at headfest07 and it performed great IMO of course! But yeah, it's seen as a 125$ portable amp...
  9. yes, but KB as a big base of consumers who will buy it just because it is from ALO! His crioxblingblongultramegasilverLOD also cost 20$ to make and he sells them for 250$....
  10. For the last few months I've lost all my motivation for DIY. I have parts to complete quite a few projects but all my motivation is gone... I haven't been listening alot of music too... I haven't fired the soldering iron probably in 6 months... Any ideas to help me get back DIYing? I'm sure some of you had this problem! Thanks in advance! Manuel
  11. Many newbies around here are old members at the other forum. They were and are (myself included) tired of all the crap going on at head-fi and are looking for place where you can actualy say what you think, and read informative and interesting threads. My 0.02
  12. A liquid strawberry yogurt, a pear and a cereal bar! Healthy mid morning snack!
  13. Those pics are painful to look at. I'm no expert, but that looks like an accident waiting to happen! It seems that Mikail need to improve other things than business method!
  14. So my desktop is having some issues. I'm trying to solve the problem before I take to repair. What happens is that when I open MS Outlook the computer crashes and reboots. This is really strange as with other programs such as my accounting/stock management program it works ok. The hardware is a bit old but didn't have any problems up to now. MS Office is also having a few problems, I try to open a word doc and it won't start. I tryed doing a system backup to a DVD but I can't either. I am starting to consider saving all files manualy and then formating everything, but if I can save the trouble it would be great! Any ideias of what might be wrong? Thanks in advance! Manuel
  15. Just read through the whole thread! It is really a shame what's going on! I hope that all those who are havin problems with SP get things worked out and that Mickail can resolve his business problems! Just realized, 1st post on head-case!
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