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  1. paid. I forgot to add my username, sorry.
  2. I used a vertical drill press a few years ago to mill the backside of a 10mm aluminium front panel in order to fit a 1/4 jack. I did very shallow passes of mess than 1milimiter each time (about 1/32 inch). The chuck didn't suffer any abnormal wear.
  3. Could you elaborate on the matching process then? Shouldn't I just use 3 matched N and 3 matched P? ps: check your inbox
  4. Hey guys, starting to think about ordering the parts for this. How many of the output transistors should I get for matching?
  5. I want to add cfa2 boards to my order. Are these for the single ended version? Do I need one or 2 boards for a 2 channel amp?
  6. I'm confused now with so many potentiometer options. Which one do I need for the dynalo mini?
  7. If you send me the info regarding the right model I could help buying them here in europe and sending a package over the pond.
  8. Name added for 2 GRLV and one dynalo mini.
  9. I would like a dynalo mini and 2 GRLV please. I understand you are also going to try to get the TDK pots for the dynalo mini?
  10. I have interest, what are the currently available volume pots? I don't know if I should choose the tdk or alpha version. I would say that anodising after machining provides the best look.
  11. Astro could you share the seller info and your case drawings please? A few of us might be interested in a group buy if the price is good.
  12. Those heatsinks have very narrow fin spacing, better suited for forced cooling. Natural convection heatsinks have wider spaced fins to allow air to move. This said, any possibility that you could order more of those cases for those interested? I might be interested in 2 cases depending on price.
  13. I remember Salas saying how having the reg on the same board as the phono was a big influence on the great sound of the FSP. You could use the GRLV before the shunt, some people used a jung super reg as a "pre regulator" for the integrated shunt.
  14. Sorry, I have enough jfets for me, but not enough for selling! You can buy them on diyaudio.com for about 50 $.
  15. ti5002000 thank you for your offer, but i prefer to build the smd version with available parts. Building with obsolete parts is risky. Chris, YGPM.
  16. Hello guys, long time since I posted around here, hope everyone is doing well. I am looking into the dynalo mk2 for a new headphone amp. I've read around the thread and still have a few doubts. 1- I've seen some references to a BOM for the Kerry dynalo mini board and also for the"normal" SMD version but couldn't find them anywhere. Could someone point me out where to find them? 2- The GRLV seems to be the go to choice for the standard build. It does have some choices regarding output voltage and configuration, but I couldn't find it in the grvl thread. 3- Has anyone compared the bjt input IC with matched jfet quad input? I have plenty jfets to use, any parts changes needed to use them instead of the THAT340? 4- I really like the small for factor of the mini board with all the components in one board. I'll will be driving sennheiser hd650 (6xx actually), would the extra output capability of the "regular" board be an advantage here? I've seen some references of running very warm, should this pose a problem in the long run? 5- I'll try to ask in the FS forum if anyone has spare boards for sale, if I don't have luck which gerbers should I use to order boards? There are many versions of the GRLV and dynalo mk2. Sorry for all the questions I haven't been around much and didn't follow the development closely.
  17. Is that price correct? 21euro/24USD? The enclosure alone is a steal at that price!
  18. Hello Justin, will there be a matching upgraded power supply as in the original?
  19. Cool! you might want to contact a few speacialized stores to get their opinion on brands and whatnot but overall go for the one with the best temperature and humidity control and anti vibration circuits. And I would recommend a unit with a single temperature setting dialled for whites. To serve a red it is only a matter of taking it out a few minutes earlier and letting it warm a bit. No harm whatsoever in storing them below serving temperature. Multi zone units are much more expensive and there will always be interaction between the 2 sections.
  20. Are you looking to have wine and beer at the right temperature for daily drinking or do you plan to use the fridge to age wine? This is a most important question, wine ageing fridges are usually built to much higher standards and feature better anti vibration hardware (vibration is one of the main problems of cheap wine fridges and it will ruin the wines). If you are looking for a frige to have your day to day drinks at right temp you might want to look for smaller unit, say 40-60 bottles with better built quality such as the one Nate pointed out.
  21. I don't think that sennheiser will be dropping the HD600/650 from the lineup. This might be a very smart move from them to get quite a few units to the market and increase brand recognition with millennials and get some of the market away from beats. I bought a pair, I sold my hd650 long time ago and this was a nice opportunity to get a new pair at a great price. Now I just need to build a new amp for them...
  22. I know, but that meant a larger back panel which wouldn't fit my target enclosure.
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