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So I traded in my Radiohead In Rainbows 2x45RPM and my deluxe box of The Smiths Complete for the above at my local record shop.

Sex Pistols - Bollocks original pressing promo

Radiohead - OKC original pressing

Run DMC original pressing

Pearl Jam - Ten original pressing (sealed)

Pretty excited about the trade. That Smiths box was beautiful but it was fucking enormous and whenever I want to listen to The Smiths I reach for my original pressings instead of the remasters. And I don't like In Rainbows. Everyone loves it, I never got it. I actually like King of Limbs better than In Rainbows.

I've been staring at that Ten original pressing sit on the high shelf at the shop for over a year. 

Of the above I've only listened to the Run DMC, and it sounds fucking awesome. Super clean, not a pop or click to be found. Which makes me worry I'm about to embark on a journey of buying as many clean 1980s hip-hop original pressings as I can find.

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180g 2016 remaster of Pink Floyd's Animals for $30.

Use this link if you want a copy, too, please.  I get a credit.

Every time they send me their daily suggestion via text, it's usually a decent -- but not the best -- price.  The prices I'm seeing for 180g 2016 Animals right now is more in the $55 range.  Since it's one of my favourite albums of all time -- if not my the favourite album of all time -- I'm a gettin' it.

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