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Are they upset because: (Genuine) Innovation?

or butt-hurt because TOTL is no longer TOTL, and can only justify pricing because same?

new TOTL massively depreciates previous,  as value was based on being TOTL?

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This may be the most obvious case of "hold me back" that I've seen here at HC.

I asked, and this is available to dealers, in case anyone is interested

Now that is one unboxing video I'd like to see.

Maybe not any more.  The AK240 owners are visibly upset, especially those who just spent a cool 3k for the AK240SS (stainless steel).  Many AK240SS owners are pissed b/c they were lied to that the SS will stay as the flagship model for the next year or two. 


wait, what's going on here? never heard of this new AK


i'm still waiting for AK to honor what they offered to dealers last year, which was a rebate for purchasing a certain $ amount in 2014. they have refused to answer my emails about it and this was supposed to be applied starting January

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