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    I have the original vinyl and SACD/CD. I'm do for another listen. It's been awhile.
  2. Protip: If you are running an entity that is trying to control and dominate those without power, don't chose a song that is against that very thing.
  3. Let us know when you can see in 3D again.
  4. Yesterday Enjoyable for the first few songs, but it's basically the same song 12 times. It's too bad because they've got that grimy groove thing working.
  5. That's it. Move those speaker away from the back wall in that similar sized room, and you don't need all that room treatment. Simple enough.
  6. Given the size and dimensions of the room, it makes sense.
  7. RIP Hunter. Take care, those are two big losses back to back. I'm sorry.
  8. ^ ^ On my "to listen to" list
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