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    They do hurt. Here's to buying what I don't need.
  2. robm321


    My ancient ER4S is doing fine, so I'm with Mikey. I'd be more tempted if it was the SR though.
  3. RIP Johnny Nash 2020 bought to piss me off 🤬
  4. RIP EVH. Fuck cancer indeed.
  5. But now I wanna taco 🌮
  6. Fantastic performance (especially Cry Me A River)
  7. At our age about 20 minutes after taking the little blue pill.
  8. Are we going to just ignore that Steve got his entrance AND EXIT wounds cleaned up, got back to work and finished the job? That's pretty badass
  9. You could do like I do with audio gear. Leave it out of site till you forget you even have it. After it's value goes down, then think about selling it. Then don't because its not worth the time and effort.
  10. robm321

    Get your game on!

    @TMoney The Free World update for Japan is ready for download on MS Flight Sim
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