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  1. Funny, I also have a modded Sony SCD-xa777es that's been in a box for at least 8 years.
  2. ...with a banana on the side. Happy Birthday, Grahame!
  3. Agree, and even more impressive considering its length.
  4. robm321

    Podcast Thread

    I've been listening to this. Its very interesting. At the tail end of things now.
  5. RIP John Madden. A great coach and the GOAT of color commentators (not bad at video game investing either). His presence was big when I lived in San Ramon. He was regularly seen dining at local restaurants.
  6. RIP Wayne Thiebaud. I have the exact SF streetscape that you posted (copy obviously).
  7. ^ We watched that too. What a high quality, high class show.
  8. ^ I still use my Modwright Denon 3910 Universal Truth Mod for SACD. I think it was from the same era.
  9. Merry Christmas! 🎄☃️
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