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  1. I'm sorry for your loss 😢
  2. Gino Vannelli - Brother To Brother
  3. Oh no, that's so sad. RIP Michael (Omar).
  4. Salma Hayek eating tacos in Coatzacoalcos Veracruz Mexico (1995)
  5. As mentioned, today's TVs generally have terrible sound, because they assume you'll be using a sound bar. Even cheap sound bars are much better than the tiny TV speakers.
  6. This could be interesting. Shimmy Coffee Sieve https://fellowproducts.com/products/shimmy-coffee-sieve
  7. I used to struggle with Mahler until I bought a CD of one of Mahler's symphonies years ago. It came with a second CD that was narrated by Leonard Bernstein. It helped me understand what was going on. I was used to a certain form with classical symphonies. I had to throw that whole structure out when listening to Mahler. I've been a fan ever since. Here's a deeper dive with Bernstein that might give a better understanding as well. If nothing else, just listening to Berstein describe anything is a joy.
  8. That is a good question you pose. I feel bad for the rest of the team.
  9. ^Yes, he's up with the best of all time. One of my favorites as well.
  10. Chick Corea - Return To Forever
  11. Joe Pass - Virtuoso A recent video from Rick Beato about this album:
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