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  1. Don't have all the fun on your own. Post those pics.
  2. robm321


    Be safe 😬
  3. Led Zeppelin IV’ Cover Photo Mystery Man Finally Identified 52 Years After Album’s Release
  4. Happy Birthday Mikey!
  5. The first time I heard Tubular bells was from an old VHS tape I bought in San Francisco as a kid, about the US space program called, The Space Movie. Many... many 😞... years later, Duggeh posted something about Tubular Bells prompting me to listen to the album for the first time. It's basically the soundtrack of the movie (documentary) and couldn't fit it more perfectly.
  6. And I thought all hope was lost. Glad this Reuben guy is going to fix it.
  7. You can get it free if you have the appropriate measuring equipment.
  8. Love Horowitz. I'll have to check that out.
  9. Miles Davis - Sorcerer 24/192 Qobuz
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