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Oppo HA-2


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here uses one of these?


I have one as my portable amp/DAC paired with an iPod Classic 7G, and it is pretty awesome.


Oppo seem to have taken on the headphone market and made some very impressive first products (like the PM-3)


Share your thoughts and opinions :)

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i just got one of these...didn't really want it but a HF member sold me a new one at a great price so i had to pick it up. love the form factor, love its swiss army knife functionality...not sure yet about its sound. it sounds a bit closed-in running out of an imac, though it might very well be my cIEMs, which aren't that great. in the end, i might end up using this mainly as a portable battery charger for my iphone.  :-

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It's great for portable use, I still use my iFi iDAC with iTube and iCan at home.

The Oppo doesn't have the most powerful headphone amp but with my CIEM's I found the Oppo to bring out a little more detail and top end.

I do like the versatility of the device and the build quality is stunning.

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Well, 10Ah would mean 2x the size. No way around it.

As for the new design, I hope the cold sterile Sabre sound has been warmed up a little. Otherwise it has always struck me as a stellar offering technologically way above the rest and at a killer price.

All in all - go Oppo! I really like my PM-3.

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