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goldenreference low voltage power supply

kevin gilmore

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10 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

OK - I've been through the whole thread trying to answer the question of why tantalum bead caps for the four 47u (C7, C9, C13, C15)  and the two 10u caps (C3, C16)? I failed in the quest.

So - what is the reason for using tantalum bead rather than aluminium electrolytic in those locations?

I think tants typically will have lower effective series resistance at high frequencies than electros, and in general tants esr decreases with increasing frequency unlike electrolytics. 


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3 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

Time to power up my HP 4275A LCR meter https://www.testequipmenthq.com/datasheets/Keysight-4275A-Datasheet.pdf and put this to the test 😉

I just have a Mastech MS5308 Lcr-Meter. 

kemet 35v 47uf tantalum esr

100hz 0.4ohm

120hz 0.4ohm

1khz 0.22ohm

10khz 0.19ohm

100khz 0.12ohm


panasonic 47uf 63V electrolytic esr 

100hz 1.1ohm

120hz 1.0ohm

1khz 0.39ohm

10khz 0.33ohm

100khz 0.30ohm


chinesium "suntan" brand electrolytic 47uf 105C 25V esr

100hz 4.8ohm

120hz 4.4ohm

1khz 1.75ohm

10khz 1.41ohm

100khz 1.26ohm


so for this tiny sample size (and not the same voltage rating) tants have lower esr throughout the range I can measure. so not enough data points, resolution, sample size or frequency range etc. to make any real conclusions but maybe enough to start a electro vs tant thread... 





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