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goldenreference low voltage power supply

kevin gilmore

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Ok, quick update. Finally received transistors/FET's from flea-bay purchases,  12 -  KSP42TA from Spain, and a complimentary pairing of a MJW21194G and a MJW21193G from Germany. The Question is are they fakes?  I have an offer for someone who has the capabilities. Could I get someone to test a sample of 4 of the KSP42TA's to see if they match up to spec, and they get the 4 free for the service? They would obviously need the equipment to properly verify specs.  It seems to take a minimum of 4 for this board, and they should still be able to get the KSP92TA's from Mouser current stock. Anyone game? Would prefer continental US as I'm paying US postal.

Hoping to get some pictures of all three posted, so if anything obvious looks off ya'll might alert me. Back orders from Mouser look abysmal right now, some slated for as late as march of next year.

In other news, I did order the Haako soldering station and 2 extra beveled tips, should be in tomorrow.  It's looking like I may have to put off continuing on this board and start instead on the SuSy Dynalo boards to keep making progress. Will probably start a resistor order next week.


Anyway, have a great night/day!!!


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Pars, you are the 'Man'!!! Thank you! Ordered tonight!


As to the other two transistors, here's a pic of the better looking of the 2 (1st is a little scratched up).  Part numbers are printed clearly, not stamped or engraved, and the lettering in the dots is very clear and either stamped or molded, 07 and E for MJL21194 and 03 and E for the MJL21193. ETA on backorders is Dec and Feb if the current ones are fakes.


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