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postjack welcomes new headcase members thread


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Welcome @Cattler! Welcome to head-case. Hope everything is chill with you. Do you meditate regularly? I think its pretty cool to do so. I look forward to it now. For a fun and easy tex-mex meal, cut up some chicken breast into cubes and saute in the pan with salt and pepper. They'll cook quick. Then cut up an avocado or two, add salsa and tortilla chips of your choice and VOILA, you have a tasty and reasonably healthy dinner. Works great for leftovers except for avocados which turn into a goddamn horror show 20 minutes after you cut them open. What is the deal with that? @Cattler lets get to work on an avocado that stays good for longer. Thanks for your time.

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1 hour ago, Dusty Chalk said:

Script!  Fucking autocorrect.  Scrypt!  . . . We have yet to figure out a pattern to Jack's attention to our forum, but if he didn't welcome you on the day of, then you probably weren't going to be welcomed, though I suspect he'd make an exception for you if he was aware of his oversight.

No offense taken, Distal Caulk (cunt that autocorrect -- Dust Me, Cank (hell's bells -- it happened again!)!)!

I hadn't even posted once before kvetching all o'er this thread. If there's a woeful lack o' commitment here, it's all mine. Which remands me: Thanks for the stovetop-ready greet!

(Then he paused to gape at the fearsome phalanx of imbibers in that gif. . . .)

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Can it really be that I'm the first new member in more than two years? 

In any case, I've been in and out of audio for 30 years, and in the headphone hobby for the last 5.  I picked up a little NIB Stax 2170 bundle two years ago and enjoy it tremendously when I use it (as opposed to several Sennheiser, Audeze, Hifiman, Beyerdymanic and AKG's).  Now looking to go further up the Stax tree with a lightly used SRM-353x / L700 Mk I, or new in box local stock SRS-5100 (SRM-353x / L500 Mk I) for about 20% less. Both are storming good deals, with local support vs better earspeaker being the deciding factor.   My search on the 353 led me here, so here I am! 

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