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Mac Mini Help Requested (mid 2011)

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My mac mini (mid 2011 with an OWC SSD has started to slowly flake out during start up. Just about every other start up I get the white screen with the flashing folder icon, indicating that the mini can't find the start up disk. So far I have reset the PRAM and completed a reinstall of OS X from the web by doing the command R at start up. The mac also needs to be restarted after a multi hour sleep period as it goes into pinwheel and does not reposed until restarted.


I'm trying to hold off on a new mini until the new 2016 models are released later this spring (at least that is the rumor) 


Any thoughts, could it be a bad logic board battery or just a failing logic board?

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command R sometimes results in a web boot or a menu or boot options (that sometimes include and sometimes doesn't include my OWC SSD) - it totally weird. I am using the mini now with no issues but once it goes to sleep I have to restart to get it to function and then it's 50/50 if I get the fishing folder. 

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