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Record Store Day - April 16, 2016


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One of my favorite holidays of the year. Is anyone going? Anything worth picking up?


Flaming Lips - Heady Nuggs Vol 2 is tempting

I kinda want Skrillex & Diplo ft Justin Bieber - Where Are You Now?

Across The Universe OST. If this was the deluxe edition, I'd be incredibly tempted. As it is, it doesn't have "If I Fell" by Evan Rachel Wood. She got better at singing as the filming progressed, or she was autotuned, or both, but I much prefer her version in the movie to the Beatles' version.

Monster a Go-Go Volume 1. A friend of mine would go nuts over this, and there are only 1000 copies, so if I find it, may grab it for him.

There's some Sublime on LP and cassette that looked interesting as well. If there's something that anyone wants, I could try to snag it. Whether I pick up anything or not, I'm going to hang out with some friends and wait in line/win fabulous cash and prizes.


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9 hours ago, swt61 said:

I have the distinction of being the only known homo on this forum, and I'm comfortable enough with that, but you're definitely muddying the waters here. ;)

Are you coming out of the closet on liking skrillix and Justin beiber's music?

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34 minutes ago, cetoole said:

Are you coming out of the closet on liking skrillix and Justin beiber's music?

I don't know who Skrillix is. I'm seeing Madonna and Justin Beiber. But let me be perfectly clear here...There are differing classes of homosexuals, just as there are differing classes of straight people. I'm definitely a class above Gay Beliebers! I'm already holding onto my Rainbow Card by a thread, because I refuse to embrace Martha Stewart and I have a tattoo over my ass that says "Exit Only", so I do own a Madonna album, strictly for scale balancing purposes. But I only show it when asked by official Gay Authorities.

Edit: Just caught the Skrillix thing. I only saw Justin Bieber, and was already barfing before I could read on

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Uhm, OK.

Brent, do you understand that if you were trying to strengthen your case, that completely backfired?

I will admit to wanting to screw Justin Bieber. But it has very little to do with finding him attractive. It has a lot more to do with wanting to cause him sever pain (though he probably does have a pretty butt). 

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Don't be jealous.

Here's the full haul from yesterday. I got the Monster A Go-Go for a friend, and the Bowie MAY be for a friend, but not sure if he's going to snag it yet or not.

Clockwise from top left:

White Strips - The Complete John Peel Sessions

Robert Earl Keen - Gringo Honeymoon (Won this one playing trivia)

Skrillex & Diplo - Where Are U Now with Justin Bieber

David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World - Picture Disc

Run The Jewels - VRTJ (Virtual Reality The Jewels - VR video viewer)

Sublime - Jah Won't Pay The Bills (The only cassette available this year)

Various - Monster A Go-Go (Only copy in Chattanooga, picked up for a friend who couldn't make it)

Madonna - Like A Virgin & Other Hits (Pink vinyl, as seen above)

RSD 2016 Dogfish Head pint glass picked up for DJing the night before

Various Artists - Dine Alone: Record Store Day Sampler 2016


Anyone else make it out?


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