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Balanced to unbalanced board


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Messing with this tonight.


Its playing into balanced ortho's. the gain is stock at 2 and its just enough, not real loud but sounds just great!

yes this is meant for Pre duty, this is one way I test them.

that 12va transformer is too small, but was just sitting here. 20-25va would be better.

GRLV is set for +-18V heat sinks are 35C,  with 4V of regulation

the buffer's are setup for 18v & that way I can use the cheaper servo's

room is 20C, buffer output transistors are 40-46C, transformer 42C


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On ‎03‎/‎02‎/‎2017 at 4:03 PM, sbelyo said:

If I wanted to make a preamp with these boards can I omit the attenuator and wire it like this?

For example:



I would like to do something similar... I want send SE signals (cd and radio) to my KG electrostatics amps vía balanced.

Can I use the 2x gain for balanced signal or I need change it for 1X?


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 Kevin's SMD layout, adapted a bit for my methods

                                                                                                               Servo's work




                                                         and a  plug in buffer with 1W MPSW transistors (for Turbo)



It seems that I like buffers............

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change schematic
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