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Wine fridge


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Are you looking to have wine and beer at the right temperature for daily drinking or do you plan to use the fridge to age wine? This is a most important question, wine ageing fridges are usually built to much higher standards and feature better anti vibration hardware (vibration is one of the main problems of cheap wine fridges and it will ruin the wines). 

If you are looking for a frige to have your day to day drinks at right temp you might want to look for smaller unit, say 40-60 bottles with better built quality such as the one Nate pointed out. 

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8 hours ago, shellylh said:

I'll mostly be using to store wine for the future.

Cool! you might want to contact a few speacialized stores to get their opinion on brands and whatnot but overall go for the one with the best temperature and humidity control and anti vibration circuits.

And I would recommend a unit with a single temperature setting dialled for whites. To serve a red it is only a matter of taking it out a few minutes earlier and letting it warm a bit. No harm whatsoever in storing them below serving temperature. Multi zone units are much more expensive and there will always be interaction between the 2 sections.

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