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Schiit Loki mini EQ

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I hear you, at that point I think thats where the firstwatt B4 comes in.

This would be for my speaker rig, which the room is just weird to say the least.  Having access to some simple EQ controls but done relatively transparently I think could work well in my setup.

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11 hours ago, Pars said:

From my experience with my departed HE 4XX, they need it. Much prefer my modded T50RPs (Mk I). If you need to EQ phones, my thought has always been you have the wrong phones...

Why's that? EQing—whether through hardware or software—is relatively simple. It seems to provide a way to modify the frequency response of headphones that are technically competent but sonically unbalanced. For example, I like many of the attributes of the Koss ESP/95X, but they certainly benefit from a bit of EQ (in my opinion). And I don't use EQ on my Utopias, but that would seem to be a possible solution for many HCers that want to tame their treble and boost the bass a bit.

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Rethinking this after looking at the Loki more. It seems to be well done for an analog EQ. Though I don't know if the issues I had with the HE 4XX could be fixed via EQ (thin sound). The EQ would help though, but not enough for me to have kept them.

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