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Burson Audio V5i opamps


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....so I bought one of these.  They popped up on Massdrop while I was talking to Kevin who immediately called BS on this.  My curiosity peaked, I had to get one.  Here is the product page:


BS meter is tingling so I waited for it to arrive:


Nice enough box and here are the internals:


I forgot to take a picture of the top but it looks exactly as it did on the page.  Here is the bottom though:


The potting compound is pretty soft so here is what I found: 


So... the only thing in there is an opamp with the top markings sanded off and one small cap.  There is nothing on the bottom, just this.  We have no idea what opamp that is but it would be pretty simple to dissolve the resin and look at the die.  I very much doubt this is some custom one off unit, why would they sand off the top if it was some custom device? 

Also, why is that cap there?  I mean this is a dual opamp so two channels and two power rails...why one cap?  This reminds me of the Single Power tube adapters, they had parts for just one section of the dual triodes...why I just don't know. 

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The cap has a tolerance measured in pF with no total value but the resistor has a percentage.

I'm still even more confused though, what are the resistors for now? Does it have a built in feedback loop? Is it a weird op-amp like a 701 that needs external components?

I know you all don't have the answers I need, I'm just tired and instead of going to bed, I am here.

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Cap tolerance is often in pF for low value caps or precision ones but there are none here.  The pinout is standard for a dual opamp and the cap is 118nf measured between V+ and V-.  That's all the "magic" here. 

Edit:  Yeah no resistors or anything like that.  I also like the "custom pins" they tout as they are just the normal sockets turned upside down... 

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