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Got Kind of Shafted at a Liquidator...But Not Really!


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   Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right spot for this. I have recently been buying stuff at a local liquidator, because money is tight and I'm always on the lookout for good deals. I've had a relatively good experience with this liquidator, and have for instance bought three Huion USB drawing tablets for $60, which I promptly turned around and resold on eBay for $180 before shipping. So, when I saw they had listed a pair of Sennheiser HD660S headphones, I knew I had to win them. I got them for $161!

I picked them up, and sure enough they were new...But the wrong model! The box, and case is all genuine Sennheiser, even the original manual for the HD660S was included, but it seems someone switched them out, they even went so far as to remove the stickers on the side where the model number would be, in a failed attempt to mask these as the HD660S. After some YouTube sleuthing, I figured out that the headphones put in the box are in fact Sennheiser 58X Jubilees, as in the Massdrop edition.

So it seems I ended up paying around $20 more than these would normally go for on drop.com, after taxes and the liquidator's fee. But the headphones were new, apart from having the stickers/labels removed. The pads were in excellent condition, the wires were all bunched up/folded with twist ties, there weren't any fingerprints along the glossy top of the headband, they even had that "just out of the box" smell to them...Then I tried them and, having never really owned a real audiophile/entry-level audiophile pair of headphones before, I found I really enjoyed them! The open-back design really opens the sound stage up, something I have never heard before. Plus, I can listen at a decent level and still hear when my family calls for me. Prior to this, my only experience in higher-end consumer audio gear was a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's that I got off Amazon for $100 during some Christmas Gold Box deal that I had to wait a month for them to fulfill because they received too many orders, or the pricing was incorrect, or something...But those were stolen about six years ago.

ANYWAY, This liquidator does offer returns if the product doesn't match what was on the box (which does happen every so often), but they only give account/store credit in this case. In several months of watching their weekly stock come and go, this is the first time I've seen headphones from a company of this caliber, so I think I am going to keep them!

Tl;dr: I just got a pair of Sennheiser 58X Jubilees by accident, but I like them so much I'm going to keep them. Anyone else get your gear in a strange way such as this?

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While walking around Hollywood last week I had some guy selling watches out of his van offer me a Rolex GMT Master at a huge discount due to some dirt and blood on the bracelet.

Great deal for me but a bit odd. Proof that the bricks and mortar retail model is dying.

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