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  1. I use M5 and find it good for that job.
  2. Happy Birthday Jose! 🎉
  3. Amanero USB receiver, TPA Buffalo DAC, Mercury I/V stage. Plus a tube output buffer?
  4. These are only rated for 300V so need to be mindful where they are used.
  5. Happy Birthday Chris
  6. @JoaMat: I see you have been using Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors in the coupling positions of your Megatron. These caps are rated at 600vac/1000VDC and being an oil-impregnated caps they are susceptible to high temperature (factory rating is up to 85C/185F). Also, the Megatron PCB shows the coupling caps between 12au7 and 12ax7 rated at 600v and 1000v for the caps between the 12ax7 and EL34. Have you experienced any issues with using these Mundorf caps in Megatron over time?
  7. Did you see the for sale section where there is a used BHSE offered for sale in England?
  8. I don't know what Martin thinks but Michael thinks freestanding on the PCB will be fine 😉
  9. Hook up this little gem today with the SR009 after a long break and just let the music flow...
  10. Kevin can confirm but I am pretty sure you'll be fine - the current draw is very minimal like a few 10mA IIRC. Unless you are dropping some unusually high voltage through the GRLV there is not much heat to dissipate for the MJW21193/21194.
  11. It certainly got the family look. Maybe someone at Dyson got creative with spare parts from their vacuum cleaners.
  12. Hmm, that is odd. Sorry, did not read carefully that only one of the two channels behaves abnormally. Did you check if both channels have the same output bias?
  13. This "Normal" behavior has been my experience as well but I also found the magnitude of offset drift is closely related to the case temperature of the output device too. Does the heatsinks of your Carbon get significantly warmer when the amp warms up? I am theorizing that if the amp has oversized heatsink that barely gets warm the offset may drift much less. But this is just a guess.
  14. That looks like a Grounded Grid?
  15. Happy Birthday Nate!
  16. Happy Birthday Craig!
  17. If it matters, I built the that340 version because I believe it's the latest version of the balanced Dynahi with the SUSY input IIRC. I did not use the THAT340 BJT though - I use the jfets and plugged them into the DIP sockets. No other changes needed. Going by memory here but happy to dig out more details if you like me to.
  18. I may have the boards. PM me if interested. I don't remember if schematic was ever posted.
  19. Gives a new meaning to “rolling shutter”.
  20. There seems to be no trim pots nor servo circuits. How is the offset and balanced adjusted?
  21. Those are good lenses and cover most applications other than wild life, sport photography, etc. which need much more reach. But then we are talking really big dollars. And, yes, these are heavy bulky gears. The 24-70 f2.8 is a great walk-around lens with great optical quality but it's a brick not to mention the 70-200 f2.8. It's a plus that the body was not used for video. I read that some Canon bodies tend to overheat in video mode but not sure if 5D II has this issue. Edit: Forgot to mention, Fred Miranda is a good place to check on the going price for camera gears.
  22. My biggest complaints about the 5D II: 1. Does not support auto ISO in the manual mode (default to ISO 400). 2. Slow frame rate - less than 4 frame per second 3. High ISO noise - I try and keep it under 1600 But my expectation may not be fair for a full-frame DSLR that was first released in 2008.
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