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An interesting thing to try for those of you who may have 007 mk1 pads lying around, try putting them on the ES-1a. I've tried 007 mk2 pads and the effect of those pads is quite different. The mk1 pads significantly linearizes the midrange, taking the excess energy around 1-1.5khz down a bit and pulling the presence region (2-5khz) up a bit. It also makes the ES-1a slightly less hot in the treble past 8Khz, which I find is a welcome change. For me personally the 007 pads also seal better on the head, and since the leakage tolerance of electrostatic headphones is quite low this is a welcome change.

I wouldn't say the tonality is ideal with these pads either, but it's about as close as I've come to it.

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I bought a pair of these headphones because I really wanted to see how good they could be and to support this new comer.  My experience is pretty much similar to Berger's.  I like the build quality. 

I've had my set for over a month now and I would take them over the SR-009's but then again... never liked the 009's.  I've been meaning to write up some impressions for the last couple of weeks so no

I will be getting both sets of pads and naturally... I take everything apart so expect pics.  🙂  No doubt the normal bias SR-X is a bit bright as they were tuned like that.  Stax wanted to bleed

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So far I dig it, dark pads or the ones with the cloth liner are really needed. Noticeable etch without them... with them tho a touch smoother without a massive lose in tactility.

Overall pleasant, good tonality and detail with a nice stage. I'll have more in a few days once I get a chance to really listen. Comparisons to 009, 95X with Vesper and hopefully L700 Mkii if it arrives in time 

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