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I forgot to post this before, too, a curiosity.


My great-grandfather's Baume Brothers watch. Plated, nothing special, well before the union with Mercier in 1918 -- I would guess late 19th Century based on his age and life story. Went to my grandfather, who reputedly wore it daily, then my Dad, who left it in a drawer since the '60s. Dial is in rough shape as you see, but I had the movement repaired and put a new strap on. It runs OK and my wife now wears it occasionally, for it is teeny tiny by modern standards, maybe 31 - 32 mm. I like having it anyway, feels like a (literal) time capsule from the ancestors!

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2 hours ago, Rossliew said:

I noticed you guys prefer watches with clean dials and simple designs. May i ask which areas of the Santos that makes you so happy with it?

There isn't anything about it that I don't like.  Even the flaws are charming (for instance, it is a bit of a slab-sided watch, but at only 9mm, with a break in the side due to the bezel, it looks nice).  The dial is about as simple as it gets: square matte silver with no guilloche, and a simply braced date.

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On 9/14/2018 at 10:08 PM, EdipisReks1 said:

Get your mind out of the gutter: my strap maker only makes the finest strap-on straps for the most elegant perverts.

Anyway, Jan can make you anything you want, Marc, and the quality is superb and the prices reasonable.  PM me your email. 


I think I have my next watch in mind.  Have been wanting a Speedy for a long time.  The FOIS scratches the itch given the sub-40mm size, but the strap does nothing for me.  So I'm thinking a brown alligator strap with an Omega deployment buckle would be what tips me over the edge.  

Can your man make something like this?


This is the idea, but not the purple so much...



omega strap.jpg

omega strap 2.jpg

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30 minutes ago, EdipisReks1 said:

Yes, the problem would be sourcing the alligator hide (it's not easy, and definitely not cheap, to get it in small quantities and high enough quality for artisan work). It wouldn't be any cheaper than that Rousseau strap, FYI.

I fully expect alligator will be pricey regardless of where I purchase it.

I very much like the idea of an Omega deployment strap on a brown/cognac alligator strap on that Speedy.  It's going to happen...


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always a fan of functional materials like nylon, plus the 'just so' adjustment of a nato! I just put really nice silicone strap on my panerai; I popped the stupid spring loaded pins out of the new strap and I am using the stock lug screws, as that is much more secure. I have the stock alligator strap with the panerai deployment and a really nice strap with a buckle that is made of vintage leather from Dangerous9. I am back to this as my daily driver and needed the new strap because neither of the other two stand up to blood and water very well. The market is out of control and I had an offer on my DSSD I couldn't say no too so panerai has been promoted up from the reserves. 


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Well I was expecting to be down to my Panerai and g shock for some time while assessing exactly what I wanted next. 


But the wife continues to be a bad influence in my life. She saw me checking out pics of this and decided it has a nice look, not entirely pleased that my watch dealer ignored my standing order not to let her buy me anything. 


Either way, quite pleased with the piece and he always comes through on the pricing. Normally not a fan of two tone yellow gold but the way it's used here is quite understated.




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