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There are some Speedys that have gone haywire.  

My estimation is that the watch market will go the way of the stock market...just like vintage autos.  Folks get spooked and feel wealthier after a good rally and begin shifting money into hard assets.  

I don't know what good / too hot looks like with watches.  What I do know is that drunk men at the Barrett Jackson auction overpay for vehicles :D


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I've saw the new Santos once. It's a nice looking watch. The place only had the white dial, so I have yet to see the blue. 

I wasn't a fan of the ceramic gmt until they brought back the jubilee. I know most prefer the oyster, but the gmt on that is too close to the sub for me. The new  super jubilee has a really nice feel compared to the old one imo.

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10 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

Wait you touched one? :frantic:

You can now sell the record of your experience on Rolexforums for $100.


Oh, Stretch, so naive. I bet he could get at least $150.

On 4/19/2019 at 9:20 PM, Rossliew said:

I'd accept it if it were a Patek but didn't expect Omegas to fetch such insane amounts of money

My early 1969 144.022-69 is worth 3-4 times what I paid for it.  I bought it in 2015.  It's nuts, the market for vintage.

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Rolex situation in Las Vegas

For SS sports I found.

The 39mm OP all dial colors, just depends on the location. Almost all had red grape.. must not be a well liked variant.

A yachmaster 1 with the Platinum bezel and blue dial.

A yachmaster 2.

An airking

Zero TT subs, skydweller or gmt.

One root beer sold gold gmt otherwise no gold gmt.

Solid gold subs back in stock multiple locations. 

I think I got to all the locations, either way a large sample size. 

Many places cases were mostly empty.

But hey if you want a mid size date just with gold and diamonds your all set..


I did at least get to play with something I thought I'd never see



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I really want the Tank MC that Mr. Malek wore at the Met. I think he won.

My mother's day gift to my mother was an autographed edition of Jack Forster's Cartier Time Art.  She has been a Cartier owner since long before I was born, and now has at least 4 (I think it might be 6). She loved the book.  I will get to see it this weekend.

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Lovely dress watch.  I'd take the Santos in gold with alligator band first though... 

I've owned a watch of that shape since 2004 or so.  Not nearly as nice but I've enjoyed it over the years.  Baume & Mercier and quartz...it was what I could afford at the time.  Been good to me over the years.  Don't wear it much anymore.


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So I got my birthday present from the wife today.. or I guess I should say it arrived. I don't get to wear it until the actual day a month from today. 

I wanted something fun for the water park, beach and boating this summer. I'm also originally from Chicago so bears colors as a bonus.

She is at work so a quick fitting, pic and into the safe with it for now.


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