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What are you EATING right now?


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14 minutes ago, swt61 said:

I notice there's always sliced banana with your curry dishes. Is that tradition? It's not something I've seen before,  and was curious.

I refer the honorable gentleman to the answer I gave earlier *



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I had Bibimbap earlier.  It was a bizarre mix of Americana and traditional Korean -- I love fusion, so I ended up very much enjoying.  Two of the sides were a faux potato salad -- it was doctored with pickled radishes and sweet pickle relish -- and mashed potatoes -- also similarly doctored -- and several of the sides were the usual -- bean sprouts, green beans/string beans/whatever they're called, kimchi (surprisingly filling), and one was something new to me -- it was like a Thai cucumber/vinegar concoction, but with primarily black fungus, and it was fantastic.

The bibimbap was delicious too, and I didn't spill a drop despite mixing it aggressively when it was first brought to my table (Dusty don't want no burned rice crusties).  Super delicious.

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12 minutes ago, swt61 said:

I think the best fish and chips I've had to date was a week ago at Hook Fish Co., in the city, outer sunset. Now I'm seeing they have one in Mill Valley. I know where I'm having lunch tomorrow!



It's that , or Fish in Sausalito (after their reopening, after closing after a health inspection





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