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What are you EATING right now?


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I hardly ever post here, but I just had an awesome dinner out with Karen.  We went to a place called the Copper Door in Salem, NH, and I had their "Bourbon Bacon Beef Tips."

So fucking tender, flavorful, and wrapped in bacon.  The bourbon sauce was outstanding.

As we got our check, I told the waitress, "This was fucking awesome...."  She laughed, and whispered to me "You should try the fucking Shepherd's Pie!"

It was a fuck-fest (verbally) the rest of the night with her, lots of chuckles.  Her final wish to me was "Drive fucking safe...."

@n_maher Have you been to this restaurant?  There's one in Plaistow as well apparently....

Wish I had thought to take a picture....

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Karen is out of town and Peter is hanging with his girlfriend so decided to check out a local seafood market/restaurant. They specialize in fresh, locally sourced seafood so everything below uses fresh, local seafood.

Started with a dozen raw oysters since they are my favorite


Followed by a bowl of their blue crab gumbo


with a main entree of grilled grouper with hush puppies, Cuban black beans and coleslaw 


for desert I had key lime pie and a cup of coffee (no picture because the second Tiki drink was catching up to me - See Drinking Thread)

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Last night (and the last night before Karen returns):Started with an Arugala and Shaved Fennel Salad3A05F24D-5ED2-47C0-8B3E-F1C71DF5E1C7.thumb.jpeg.c87c2f0cc0cff85fe5c4f09200e51493.jpeg

Followed by a Smoked Fish Dip with Tortilla Chips74C5F949-4BA4-4F9A-B62C-1560638FC10D.thumb.jpeg.22612a5e279da6ec2e0c80375e6bc103.jpeg

The Fish of the day which was a Panko crusted Flounder with Asparagus and a green sauce I did not catch


And lastly a chocolate Pot de Crème with hazelnuts, marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles




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