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Headphone Recommendation: Closed, Bass-Light, Velour Pads


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my boss would like a good headphone recommendation. He's looking for a good closed 'phone with velour pads. He has a pair of Beyers that he doesn't like as they are too bass heavy. He also has a HD650, but feels they're bass light and needs something that is closed. He also has a pair of AKG that he likes, but they have pleather pads. He'd be open to retrofitting pads to the AKG, as he likes them. I'm a bit out of my element here, so I figured I'd ask around... He didn't go into much detail, but he did say that he uses them with a mixer.

I suppose I'm not sure what even fits the bill, so I'd be more interested in a list of options than recommendations, though the latter would be appreciated as well.

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The K271s, particularly like Thrice posted, would be good. Or velour pads for the AKGs he has, if you can get them.

The 271s aren't real hard to drive... I use a pair at work with a Dynalo, but have listened to them straight out of a Sony D-33 PCDP which drives them almost as well (course it's headphone out is pretty stout).

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I have really wrestled with this problem for quite some time. My main listening headphones are the HD650's and I dearly love them. Every closed headphone I have purchased, Senn HD280, Sony 7506's, Beyer 880, Ultrasone 850, AKG 271, have either head way too much bass, was very colored, or had a harsh midrange and highs. I picked up a pair of Denon D2000's and absolutely love them. They are very, very good sounding headphones and have all the best of the HD650's and just very slightly bass heavier than the HD650's. I highly recommend them for a serious audition.

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