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OK, quick layout question...

Is there any way to have the "Current Avtive Users Viewing This Thread" window moved above the Quick Reply window? On the SMF forum, active users werelisted at the top of the page. Now one has to scroll past the Quick Reply window to see that, and it would be nice to see who's reading the thread before clicking to the next page. And while the Quick Reply window is large, the Current Active Users window is small enough that it's easy to bypass to get to the Quick Reply window.

I suppose I could just collapse the Quick Reply window and just expand it when needed, too... Just curious if this was something anyone else was thinking about.

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Sup, 'heads, long time no 'case.

I've been entirely too busy for things like headphones and sites ostensibly dedicated to them, but I did manage to log back in here. I just updated my email address with h-c, and an odd thing happened. I got downgraded to ...new user status? My PMs got limited to 50, and I couldn't post. I just received a confirmation email and clicked the provided link. Now things appear to be back to normal, but I haven't investigated that thoroughly. Err... is this what's supposed to happen?

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