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Holy crap, tons of emails flooded my blackberry after being out of service area for a day and at least 100 were email notifications for reply to threads since the vBulletin switch! :doghuh: I just figured out that the vB default must be to subscribe to every thread you reply to, and I made the mistake in Options of choosing Instant Email Notification. I just wanted the default subscription to be instant notification, but I sure as hell didn't want to subscribe to every thread I post in. Fixed now.

Thanks for all the work on the new site Todd.

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In the old forum, threads would disappear from the new posts thing after you had read them, now they just stay there unbolded. Is there anything you can do about that? It made keeping up a lot easier sine I could just refresh the first page.

Also, for the love of god please change the skin, this looks way too similar to Head-Fi and I'm afraid that it is bringing out the noobs!

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It's actually worse than that -- you don't get to see the actual new threads until you click on "new posts" again. So what I do is go back to the home page and start a new search (it's essentially a dynamically generated set of search results).

If you want to bookmark anything, and keep revisiting the bookmark, I would bookmark do=getnew (note: don't go to the link and bookmark that, it auto-rolls-over to the search results, bookmark that specific URL -- I.E. if you are in FireFox, do right-click->"Bookmark this link").

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