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Fixing the spoiler tags is probably more important than the skins, as I can probably accomplish what I want with Stylish.

spoiler tags are working again though instead of hide/unhide buttons it now works via a mouseover:

i am batman

 [ spoiler]text to hide here [/spoiler ] 

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This would have to be the most slick forum transition that I've ever experienced. Top marks to the people who made it happen!

Yes, nice job and I'm sure alot of work Todd!


Yep. Thanks, Todd.

Oh, and is that the kitten you got a little bit ago in your avatar? She's beautiful.

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Great job on the new site migration Tkam. :)

The one thing I noticed is that the "New Posts" doesn't show the sticky threads, but when you click "Quick Links" and then select "Today's Posts" it shows the sticky threads. No biggie, but I thought you might want to know

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