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who here likes rap?


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Ok, so the more verbose explaination:

It's not racist to review or not review anything. Even rap. It's not racist to like or not like any music. Even rap. It's a copout to say it, it's typical liberal guilt. People review things that they think their readership is interested in or that they themselves are interested in. If you want there to be more reviews of rap for audiophile readers, find some, and review it. Honestly, there is discussion of rap even on headfi, it's just not as common as many other genres. Why does deathmetal get discussed? Because the people that like it are nerds who spend all their time on forums, and talk about it.

Tyll said it took him a long time to find a well recorded rap piece to put on his sampler, and he ended up with MC 900 Ft Jesus. It's just not something people do anything interesting with in the recordings, generally speaking. I like a lot of rap, but I'm not excited about it generally, because its' the same stuff I've been listening to for 10 or more years. I haven't discovered new rap in ages.

When you say new, do you mean musically, lyrically, or conceptually? Perhaps, something else entirely?

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is Eric B and Rakim - Paid in Full recent? :)

You like Rakim but not Nas, I take it? :P

I can see why people would prefer the originals, but I can't get with that real OG stuff. The beats and rhymes sound downright primitive to me. Like listening to Robert Johnson instead of Stevie Ray...

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I like all kinds of stuff, I was trying to be funny. When I listen to rap lately, it's blackalicious, talib, mos def, gang starr, k'naan, and noel zancanela.

And eric b and rakim :)

A man after my own heart :). Actually the only artist on that list I'm unfamiliar with is Noel Zancanela. I'll have to enlighten myself.

As for me, in addition to the majority of the above artists, I listen to a fair amount of Outkast and Lupe Fiasco. If you like Talib Kweli, I'd wager that you'll also like Lupe Fiasco. They're not entirely similar stylistically, but I find the quality of their lyrics to be top notch.

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Rap is one of the most absolutely diverse musical styles in the world today. Especially if your definition is wide enough to include, say, hip hop, dubstep, grime, ragga, and all the other awesomeness coming out of London slums.

Rap isn't consumed the same way as rock, in my opinion. It exists in a time and place, when the time and place are gone it's no longer applicable. It evolves faster than anything else.

That being said, I am far from a rap snob. I listened to Ne-yo all the way home today. Fuckin' shoot me.

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Most of this stuff could be classified under other genres, but would be considered rap or hip hop by most...




a tribe called quest

public enemy [i love Chuck D]


snoop dogg [really only the doggystyle album though]

Not much of a list, but I love what is on it. Much of the rest of the music I listen to has elements of rap in it. When I think about the music that I really love, it stems primarily from jazz, dub/reggae and rap/hip hop. I don't understand how someone can completely discount rap. It is most definitely music and some of it is really good. ;)

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I dig the blingbling thug angle. That said, there's not much of it in any commercial hiphop these days -- it's pretty well a genre all its own apart from mainstream (unless fiddy gets stabbed again).

you've been reading this

[url=http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/11/18/116-black-music-that-black-people-dont-listen-to-anymore/]#116 Black Music that Black People Don

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