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More fun with the lathe...


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So, what happens when I have a new (to me) lathe, some left over mahogany and nothing better to do?


Yup, those are my HF-1 on the bannana stand, and my maple woodied 325s, which are for sale. But what are those other ones?

I call them the HF-1000 ;)




I was making some standard woody cups and figured I'd have a run at something resembling the GS-1000 (which I've never seen in person). The mahogany I had was way too dry and none of the standard cups came out well (actually only one survived!), but the goofy mushroom cups came out well enough. So after I finished turning them, Nate gave me a hand drilling them out and we decided to see how they'd look on his HF-1. The end grain took a lot of tung oil and ended up much darker than I expected, and the dry wood definitely shows a lot more grain than my previous efforts with mahogany. But considering I was just messing around, they came out pretty well.

It was definitey a fun way to spend the afternoon.

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Well, recent events, which I'm not going to get into (for now) kind of pissed me off, so I decided that should my "fun" effort with the "scrap" mahogany be making an appearance at the Boston Head-Fi meet, they were going to have to look a little better. As I had said before, the wood was too dry and the face of the cup kind of chunked out. Well, after much sanding and many coats of lacquer, they look far more presentable.

Anyway, here's a pic... definitely an improvement IMO.


I'll probably be giving something like this another run with a new piece of mahogany and the new turning chisels I got for my birthday (Wuhoo!!! :dance: ), but for now they look much better.

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Hell, I only associate with myself out of necessity...

If you think of a way around that one, please let me know!

I really can't wait to try out the new chisels. Now I just need to figure out what wood I want to use. Aparantly I'd be tempting fate to continue using mahogany, so I clearly need to look elsewhere. And I was going to buy some burl a few weeks ago, but now that's been used elsewhere. So what to do, what to do?

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