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It has been a long time that I have purchased a pair of bookshelf speakers (1981 and I purchased a pair of AR18. Now I find myself wanting a pair that could serve initially as near-field speakers while working at the computer station but later (18 months away) to fill an small room (12' by 15').

I ran across the Fitzspeakers while looking for information on used Omega speakers and two models interest me. These are the Jr Monitors (Fritz Jr Monitors Technical Specifications) and their Fostex 6 Full Range (8inchFullRangeSpecs). Initially they would be driven by a Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 and I listen mostly (over 95%) to jazz.

Has any of you listen to these speakers? Any chance that you were able to compare them to the Omega line? My budget is modest at $600, thanks.

Note: I have exchanged emails w/ John Heiler of Fritzspeakers and he is recommending the Jr Monitor since in his opinion it would sound better with complex passages and faster paced jazz and classical music. Thanks again.

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Hi Miguel,

I've never heard Fritz' speakers, but I talked to him at length when I was contemplating buying/building my first set of full rangers. He seemed to be an extraordinarily straightforward and kind fellow.

Echo this....I actually bought a pair of Aurasound 2-ways from him (he and a friend bought a lot of extra stock from a company going OOB). We chatted multiple times, always a pleasure and a learning experience for me.

I used to own a pair of Zhorns, small horn speakers using 4" Fostex treated drivers. John and I chatted about these, other horns, his builds, and a lot more. He clearly knows a good amount, loves music and his hobby, and is easy to deal with.

PS - Miguel, nice to see you got the RW Sig! How do you like?

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Good question. I'd trust John's intuition for the most part. I think the single-driver speakers might be better tonally within their range, but dynamics and frequency extension would likely belong to the Jr's. I've had 4" Fostex-based horns and 8" Lowthers in bass-reflex cabinet. Both were outdone in sheer power by their multi-driver brethren (though the Lowther, driven by a Pathos Twin Towers, was amongst the best sound tonally I've had in my house).

If the room is small, the single-driver may be enough. I've always wanted to try a small single-driver like that for desktop audio. But for a room-filling application, unless it's a small room or you don't go too loud, the 2-way may be best.

I'd also make a recommendation I did in another thread: Silverline. There are some nice models available, including a Prelude II floorstander on Audiogon for $600 shipped (I think it may even be in FL). But given all I've heard from them, I think even their small Minuet would be a good competitor.....

New, most are out of your price range. But used, I think they're a great bargain.

And BTW, my Preludes sound great with the jazz I've thrown at them (mostly piano and vocal, and a tiny bit of brass/wind like Roland Kirk & Gary Larson).

Food for thought.

Didn't realize you hadn't got the RW Sig yet. Let me know on the Virtue, I should be getting it back this week.

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I spoke at length w/ John today, since at first the speakers will be used as a near-field type on my desk he stuck to his recommendation to use the two way Jr Monitor. He indicated that in the smaller room that I plan on using them in about 18-24 months they will also sound great in a cabinet or on stands. Here is a link to the speakers I would like to get, most likely in natural cherry venneer.

Fritz Jr Monitors Technical Specifications

BTW here is a picture, the cherry is on the sides w/ walnut in the center.


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Guest sacd lover

I think the Ascend Acoustics 170se would be as good if not better for your requirements. I think the bass specs for the Fritz speaker are very optimistic. The 170SE is $368 shipped. I own the Ascend 340SE and they are the best speaker I have ever owned. I loved my JM Lab Tantal 509s .... but I like these even better. I have owned Vandersten 2C, PSB 600, Clements transmission line 2 ways, Paradigm Active 20, B&W CDM1-NT, JM Lab Chorus 706 etc....

CBM-170 SE High Performance Bookshelf Loudspeaker

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if you are set on a full range then the fostex 127e's are usually suggested over the 167e's for near field usage. there are far too many designs based around the 127e and planet10-hifi has a shitload of them. the fonkens take the top honors for all categories going lower than 40hz (a usable 40hz). its an annoying build though because it has lots of little pieces so local shops tend to charge a lot for the time. however there are quite a few simple designs on there as well that you can email to local furniture stores and see what they can build it for you for. the lowest cost for a bass reflex cabinet (not the optimal cabinet for the 127e was some $150 in construction (including materials) + cost of drivers. which is a very nice low figure. for a $100 more you could get the same speaker from tekton so it really depends on if you dont mind spending the extra cash. on diyaudio, for a 12x13 room, the fonkens were suggested over most other larger boxes given their ease of integration into the room. bigger cabinets will result in bass issues (too much or too little) and placement becomes a factor as well. even the metronomes i heard over at carl's house could very easily fill that 12x15 room and sound amazing. depends on what you are going for. if you want something big and imposing, look into a BIB for the 127e driver. should go lower and easily fill up that room. i think it might just squeeze into that budget of yours.

link to bibs.

Bigger Is Better 'BIB' Cabinet Dimensions - ZillaSpeak

link to 127e cabinets.

ZillaSpeak - Speakers

planet_10 hifi

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