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Raging With Reks: The 5th Annual International Postjack plus friend Ohio Mini Meet


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There was only three people, two beers, and one system, but I'd say the 5th Annual International Postjack Plus Friend Ohio Mini Meet (codename: Raging With Reks) was a complete success.

Jacob's speaker rig is truly awesome. Pretty much does everything I'd want a system to do. Tonally my absolute favorite part was the highs. I love it when the highs are perfect, and they were. The soundstage had really awesome depth, and the imaging was great. We went from small scale classical to large scale classical to a bunch of jazz to Rush to that weird guy from Soft Machine doing weird spoken word free form jazz.

Although I spent a bit of time telling Jacob to buy a turntable, after my buddy and I left and the experience began to sink in, I started asking myself why I mess around with vinyl when digital sound like the Capitole is out there. So that should tell you how much I truly enjoyed it, as I've never suffered from "vinyl doubt" until this past weekend.

Reks was a gracious host, and tons of cool tunes were played and absorbed. The only regret was we didn't have more time to hang. My friend who I brought along has a running knowledge of general consumer audio, but very little exposure to the audiophile religion, would not stop talking about the rig the whole night and the whole way home. He's starting to ask me about prices, and DACs, and all those wonderful things. We'll see where it takes him. :)

thanks again Jacob!

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