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Holy Crap! The New Stax Omega Looks fierce! (Stax SR-009)

Jon L

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It looks like we need to do a Jazz intervention on Biggie the next meet he attends.

BIrgir, here is a painless Jazz intervention right on your desktop. Click the full screen icon and enjoy (hopefully). If you have any nice headphones (cough), it will sound pretty good. It is in an office in Washington, so there is a bit of background noise, like in a club.


And here is a Classical intervention, if you want. Hard to beat a private set from Hilary Hahn.


If these aren't anything you like, poke around the Tiny Desk Concert archives and you will find something you would die for. The informal setting seems to relax the artists, yielding unguarded, uninhibited performances.

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A bit of a rehash but I had put a video together with the animations of SR009 response simulation (original post in the measurements thread). I used iMovie to loop over the various views so we can see it a bit better and lumped together both types of simulation results (Finite Element Method and Boundary Element Method). Never got a chance to improve the model so it might just stay where it's at now...

Here's the cleaner video:


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