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  1. It's pretty normal around here. It’s a 5 ton/60,000 btu.
  2. I've been without AC for a week but finally getting a new condenser in. They originally thought a crane would work but then decided there were too many power lines and went through the fence instead (there isn't enough room on the side of the house to get it through... dumb builders). Phew. Sleeping in the heat sucks (though I finally broke down and got a portable AC unit on Sunday).
  3. I'm watching the HBO version - didn't know there was another one. Will have to check it out.
  4. RIP to Vin. Spent my childhood listening to him - Dad's a big Dodgers fan.
  5. Just finished Season 1 of High Maintenance. How is it that I just starting watching this. Great!
  6. shellylh


    Monitor audio silver 200 speakers on sale for over half off ($400 per speaker). https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MRSIL200&variation=ERNT
  7. Interesting. I was looking at that exact one. They have a returned one here near Durango for $699 at Best Buy. Edit: damn, the open box sold yesterday.
  8. Thanks, Nate. It’s nice to know whether it’s worth wasting more time on it. Now to figure out what to replace it with - good sound and be TRIVIAL for Yumi to use when I’m in Tx. Any suggestions?
  9. Moved my old Marantz SR 7100 receiver. The left front channel is not working (not much sound). Is it possible to set another channel (it 9.1 I think) so that the receiver outputs the Left front sound to it (I will be doing a 3.1 system) or should I just get a new receiver. I tried to output the front to Zone 2 and the center in the main Zone but it didn't really work. Yumi is going to be using this so I would probably go with an all in one to make it easy for her when I am not around - and don't want to overspend on this system since it is mostly for HT. The speakers are KEF Q950 + Q650 center.
  10. Put together furniture and set up the home theatre speakers. I think we are going to have to move that tv mount the previous owners had up. Not sure why Yumi always has to get the largest media center.
  11. Lol! I’ll be staying at Rice, at least for the foreseeable future. Would need to switch fields (data science/AI/machine learning probably) and get a work from home job to move out there permanently. I really only need to be at Rice during the fall and spring semesters and can probably visit once a month during the fall semester.
  12. Not today, but yesterday: Yumi accepted a job in Durango and we are under contract for this place. Higher interest rates and COVID pricing is a bitch but at least we’re not buying in CA. Time for another HC meet? We got a big basement god people to crash in. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/96-Walker-Ln-Durango-CO-81303/13939794_zpid/?utm_campaign=iosappmessage&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=txtshare
  13. Second best thing to a DD in California.
  14. Ended up getting the Lenovo Thinkpad P1 with 32GB RAM and the Nvidia RTX A3000 6GB GPU. Paid for overnight shipping so it should be here soon! Thanks for all the help.
  15. I tried to convince her to go Mac but she's comfortable with Windows and doesn't want to change. So Windows is a must. Who has the best build quality when it comes to Windows computers. I've heard good things about the Thinkpad keyboards but that was long long ago.
  16. The wife needs a new laptop and it needs to be able rot run AutoCAD seamlessly. Since I’m an Apple person, I’m not so aware of the high end Windows workstations. I’m assuming some gaming computers might work well but them may not be optimized for what she does. Also, she probably wants something businesslike (she does game). Any engineer types that could recommend something? Was looking at Dell Precision and Lenovo Thinkpad. Should have a good keyboard, etc.
  17. Thanks for the many thread and birthday wishes!!! Not doing much here today, just a little Ozark and then I’m headed to dinner at MAD (a fun and yummy Spanish restaurant - MAD is the airport code the Madrid).
  18. Will be sure to put on some plaid and birks today! So many to choose from. Since it’s summer. It’s time to rip off the sleeves though and show off my white pasty arms.
  19. Thanks for the Ozark reminder!
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