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  1. Thanks Wayne! We have been trying to figure out how we would load it without having to hook it up to the hitch on our truck. Was looking at something like this (it would also be useful for getting our toy hauler into our tight parking spot). Probably not powerful enough for an incline though.
  2. Yesterday, Yumi and I rented a jet ski at lake Conroe! It was awesome. So now I want to get one. Thinking of Sea-Doo GTX or RTX 230. I think we’ll even be able to fit it in the toy hauler to take with us camping (if we on a lake or ocean).
  3. shellylh


    I have tried tons of spring mattresses in store and many of them feel very different in terms of the springs, foam, etc. I bought my mattresses from Foam Sweet Foam. Originally I had a queen with 3 layers (Top Layer: Talalay Medium, 2nd Layer: Dunlop Firm, Bottom Layer: Dunlop X-Firm). When I upgraded to a king, I got 4 layers and it is heavenly. The only bad thing is that they are a bit heavy. You can swap out different layers and do split layers as well. They also have a 120 night trial period. https://www.foamsweetfoam.com/ https://www.foamsweetfoam.com/returns
  4. shellylh


    I’d be reluctant to buy any spring bed without trying since they change from bed to bed. However, I don’t think I will go back to a regular bed again. I still love love love my latex mattress. I even got a two layer one for the rv. Have never slept as well on any other bed.
  5. Happy belated birthday, Justin!
  6. Thanks goodness Yumi would kill me if I bought another tv!
  7. Yumi took me to the shooting range yesterday. She has guns in the house so I decided that I probably should know how to properly use them in case of emergency. I may even get my own gun at some point but not to carry, just for range and home. I really liked the feel of the Glock 48 and 43X.
  8. First attempt at a brisket. 11 hour cook (3 hours in magic pink paper), 5 hours of rest in the cooler. Not perfect but pretty damn tasty!
  9. Thanks guys! The day started out great - Yumi paid for me to get a 90 minute massage! Going out tonight to try out a new restaurant with some friends and it's whiskey Wednesday there.
  10. Absolutely love mine!
  11. I seem to have missed that. I loved a League of their own - impressive director. RIP Penny Marshall!
  12. 500 dollars of shininess. ? Yumi had to work until 11pm last night so it was set up when she got home. Hopefully she'll get some time to play it tonight before we leave for Cal/Col. Thanks for the recommendation. The Kawai dealer here was awesome and great to work with.
  13. Kawai CA78 - just got it set up yesterday. This thing is heavy but we got it to the third floor. It’s leaps and bounds better than my old Casio PS20.
  14. OK, went to try out some Yamahas yesterday and went to the Kawai showroom today. Wasn't really wowed by any of the Yamahas. The feel of the keys on the Kawai CA 78/98 (GF II) were great. Although the sound out of the 98 was nicer, I might go for the 78 just based on cost. Unfortunately, they didn't have any CA58 or MP11SE to try. From what I have read, the GF II are slightly better than the action on the 58 or MP11. Now, I just need to figure out if I want to fork out an extra 500 to get the shiny black vs the matte/satin black. Shiny...
  15. I was looking at the Kawaii CA58 and it seems pretty awesome. What is a good sturdy sound for the MP11? No speakers on the MP11, what type of speakers to use, where to place them? How does the MP11 compare to the Roland FP-90 (the FP-800 doesn't seem to be around anymore).
  16. No room for real piano or keeping it in tune and this will be on the third floor.
  17. It’s got to have special powers with all those red and blue buttons!
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