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  1. Made an appt with one of the audiologists recommended by JH Audio. http://www.allisonaudiology.com/ What is Talent relations?
  2. Hey guys, planning to get the Roxanne. I got my JH13 like 8-9 years ago I guess. Not sure if they have my impressions on file still but even if they do, should I get another set of impressions made? I assume your ears change over time. For reference (at least when I got them), the left ear piece fit me perfectly. The piece inside the ear canal was slightly too long but not too irritable. Also, I have pretty small ears, do you think there might be a problem fitting the Roxanne drivers in mine?
  3. Happy birthday Al! Sorry, no beard pic.
  4. Happy birthday Nate!
  5. I would buy one if I hadn’t spent so much money on house shit and gym stuff last year. Still tempted.
  6. Whole city (and University) was shut down because of freezing rain - this is the coldest/wettest weather I’ve experience in my 17 years in Houston. We had a job candidate here that I was in charge of. I managed to find a way for the interviews to happen and a place to eat lunch and dinner but it wasn’t easy. It was like a ghost town (which is better than every out driving around and getting into accidents).
  7. Delicious filet mignon pho. Only way to make it through the cold.
  8. Thanks. I haven't seen any crazy sales. Can you point me to one?
  9. OK, the 16s are out. What about Roxanne?
  10. I left my JH13s at the airport in Frankfurt. Which pair of customs should I get: JH13v2 pro, JH16v2 pro, Roxanne?
  11. Happy holiday to all my HC friends! I miss all of you guys.
  12. Lol, love ya Steve! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. You've gotten me interested in the Clear and the Utopia now! Haha.
  14. Congrats Jacob! Stay safe Greg - that fire seems crazy!
  15. It's hard to say since I listen to my NAD m51 with the BHSE + Stax HPs whereas I've only use the NAD m32 with my Sierra-2 speakers. They both sound fantastic though. Going to Germany but will do some comparisons of the two DACs. I bet the NAD m12 is fantastic! Just a little jealous. Would love to have the m12+m22 combo.
  16. Oh shit!!! Going to take over the HC acquisition trade Stretch?
  17. Installed the BluOS module in my NAD m32. Now streaming Tidal Masters directly to the player with the BluOS app. So sweet!!!
  18. So sorry for Susie. Good luck with the surgery!
  19. Happy birthday, Bryan!!!
  20. I recently bought this grinder but it is for espresso machines (which is the type of machine you should be buying). Mazzer Mini Doserless Type A grinder https://clivecoffee.com/product/mazzer-mini-doserless-type-a-espresso-grinder/ I would call these guys up and ask them. Great place. https://clivecoffee.com/product-category/grinders/
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