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  1. I am planning to get Yumi a digital piano for Christmas. She has been playing since she was young (she is used to an acoustic piano). I have an old Casio PS-20 (https://www.musiciansfriend.com/keyboards-midi/casio-ps-20-88-key-digital-piano) from 2002 which does have hammer weighted action but I am sure the technology has come a long way since then. I was looking at the Yamaha Arius 163B since I have heard good things about Yamaha. I listened to both this one and the 143 and this one certainly had a better sound. Anything that might be better to look at without completely breaking the bank? Is it worth upgrading to the Yamaha Clavinova 625? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/YDP163BW--yamaha-arius-ydp-163b-black-walnut https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CLP625B--yamaha-clavinova-clp-625-matte-black
  2. I am very tempted to get the new Nikon full frame mirrorless Z6. Just worried about kinks that might need to be worked out. I have a lot of Nikon glass that I would use with the adapter for now until they develop more Z glass. Thought? Wait for the next edition?
  3. Happy belated birthday Bryan!
  4. shellylh


    Sweet deal. I love mine!
  5. Thoughts? Love their subs. Know nothing about their speakers. https://www.svsound.com/pages/prime-wireless?trk_msg=5C779H17RDT4J40JEJ1495T5U4&trk_contact=8T0747KP65NMVFNSLND94PJNEK&trk_sid=PS3AM98N4C4R54KDQ88DCBH5A8&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Prime+Wireless+Has+Arrived+Image&utm_campaign=SVS+Prime+Wireless+Now+Shipping!+Smart.+Immersive.+Magic.++
  6. I am pretty excited that they finally updated the Mac Mini. Looks pretty sweet!
  7. Thanks for recipe Al. I have been meaning to make some and hope to get some time to do it this weekend. Also, I had some of Al’s year+ aged Mattnog and it was delicious!!!
  8. Yumi and I spend the weekend building a bar for the music/poker room next to the third floor deck. We’re Pretty excited. Gotta love Ikea. The stainless steel/butcher block island is a monster!
  9. Need to install Windows on my iMac for Yumi to use. What is the latest advice for Antivirus/malware programs on Windows?
  10. shellylh

    KEF Egg

    I assume that it is the same as on the MUO. I have the MUO and have never had any problem. I can look into it. I don't live in an apartment so I am not too worried.
  11. shellylh

    KEF Egg

    The KEF Eggs are on sale for $299 for the month of July and I am curious how they might sound in my office at work. Has anyone heard them? https://www.kefdirect.com/review/product/list/id/1350/category/241/
  12. I would like to install Windows on an external hard drive and run via boot camp on my iMac so that Yumi can run Autocad Architecture on it (her computer is dying). I assume that thunderbolt is fast enough that I won't see any difference between running it on an external drive vs my main HD. Is that true? Can you recommend a reliable and fast HD that runs has thunderbolt connection?
  13. Jim is wise. I owned the 12inch pro but thought it was too large to be really portable. I sold it after a year and got the 10.5 pro and I am really happy with it. I know some people who love the 12inch since they like to use the split screen feature a lot. The Apple pencil is great; the writing is much better than most (all?) Windows tablets out there including the Surface Pro IMO. https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht207582
  14. Yeah, I would guess they would not. Is there one I can attach to the computer via USB or bluetooth?
  15. G3 or is G3 Flex sufficient? Thanks, I thought about using my own router but I am not sure how I could set up a router in the office. Even if you use the ethernet, you have to log in to with your netid and pw here. I think I tried and failed to do this in the past.
  16. I am thinking of getting a security camera for my office as I think that the cleaning person like to hang out in some of the offices with couches here. May also get one for the house since we have a dog and it's easier to check up on her that way. Any recommendations? I am not sure how the wifi with the camera might work since we have to log into the wifi here to use it (not just put in a pw). So maybe bluetooth may work better? I have a Mac at home and in the office. I was looking at Nest.
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