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  1. Yeah, I’ve always been extremely thin also. But I was also really coordinated. So through sixth grade I was considered athletic, and usually picked early, but after everyone got bigger than me some time in middle school, I was suddenly not very athletic. Sadly, my basketball career ended. But my life as a geek started! [emoji106]
  2. Yeah, no way on that paqui chip. That looks terrible. Fish n chips however, look great! Tonight had Rock shrimp and bay scallops in a spicy tomato sauce over spaghetti
  3. Haha. I like Justin Time and Bieber fever! My other nicknames unrelated to being Asian, were plays off my last name: Slim, Limburger, Limbo, Lim-osine, Out-on-a- ... Those were fun, though. I like trying to come up with fun nicknames for colleagues at work. It just makes the day more fun. No sports growing up? What’s wrong? Too busy doing your math, computers and violin, hahaha? Oh wait a second ... [emoji6]
  4. Jeremy Lin is awesome. Great player and great person. First American born Asian in the NBA IIRC. Great stuff! My brother and I talked about shooting hoops on our driveway like him, except ... he’s good. I liked that people called me Jeremy Lin, an actual NBA player! Instead of being called Bruce Lee or Charlie Chan all the time. Although Bruce Lee was pretty cool. But bum knee not good, especially for his style of play.
  5. Ah, good memories! Miss you guys and miss southern fried chicken! [emoji7]
  6. Whole calamari stuffed with crab, sausage and spices. Anne- house made Cabernet pasta with pork medallions
  7. Happy belated birthday Stretch!
  8. Evil, all of them, I say. I put a freeze on all my credit accounts a year ago after I did a USA Today test which showed my private information had been stolen about 14 times in the last 10 years.
  9. The return of kids' church class date night! Shrimp scampi
  10. Roasted oysters then Roasted chicken
  11. Normal cholesterol today! Dropped my total cholesterol from 242 in April to 189 today. Yeah baby! Celebrating with ribs and brisket. [emoji106]
  12. Happy birthday Antonio!
  13. Short ribs of beef sandwich. Sweet potato fries.
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