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  1. Happy birthday, Justin!
  2. This weekend, but won our block's first game of the Finnish game Mölkky!
  3. Lego convention Our friend Rob and his Brickstuff store Rob's Brickstuff Lego lighting display of Disney Castle
  4. None needed. Funny stuff! Peter, thanks for the warning. It's hard to gross me out. All good. Except to nitpick a bit, since I'm a Psychiatrist. Flip sides of the same coin, but the MD version.
  5. Well I HAD to look it up after that. Learned something new! Hadn't actually heard the term before. I'd be up for the first half of that, not so much the second half. Cleveland simmer???
  6. Is Cleveland known for steaming things? I'm dense and missing the joke if there is one. 'Splain please. It's the usual dim sum. Lots of tasty greasy things. Some of it is steamed. Lots of deep fried things. The chicken feet ... not so sure.
  7. Happy belated bday Raffy!
  8. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a great day! [emoji4]
  9. Happy birthday, Chris!
  10. Me too! Oddly, it is $7/month cheaper than the previous 20/2 we had. Apparently, I was the first on our block to hook up to fiber. And two houses south of us, it's not available.
  11. A lot of good memories on that deck! [emoji106]
  12. Happy birthday Shelly!
  13. jvlgato

    Heat Pump?

    I may get the details wrong here, but my guy said there's one control board in the outside unit, one on the inside main, and then the thermostat. The main unit will have the ability to blow air through the house at continuously variable speeds, and will probably run more often than it won't run, but at very low speeds. This will keep the house temp and humidity more evenly controlled. He also explained how the two control boards will work together to figure out which unit should be used - heat pump or gas furnace, as well as fan speed, and this will all work in coordination with the smart thermostat. He explained it much better than I just did, but you get the idea. It's a $1,000 dollar upgrade, but he said before this particular unit came out, it would usually be a $3,000-4,000 premium for this type of combined unit. Also, there's a $400 rebate from ComEd, so it's a $600 net upgrade cost. Seemed like a good deal to me. The main concern to me was that he went out of his way to inform me that we'd be his first installation of this particular unit. I thought this was really good and honest of him to tell me, but it did worry me a bit. He said to expect a free service call or two while they learn to fine tune it, but he seriously doubted any major issues, as Bosch is really good, and the coils they chose to use are well known to him to be excellent and heavy duty coils. I didn't understand what 'fine tuning' would entail exactly, but GrindingThud's info likely explains this. And then it just feels weird to run an AC compressor outside in the winter. I get the physics and the heat sink reversal business, but it just feels weird after so many years of shutting it down and covering it in the winter for so many years. I do appreciate the info everyone, I think I'm going for it.
  14. jvlgato

    Heat Pump?

    Thank you both! This would be a supplement to the main system. And I plan to get a smart thermostat to pair with it. I've heard the technology has improved over the years. I'm just used to covering my AC compressor over the winter and can't imagine leaving it out there in the elements and even running it through the whole winter.
  15. jvlgato

    Heat Pump?

    Considering getting one (Bosch brand) as an upgrade to go with the soon to be installed completely new furnace and AC system. Sounds awesome. Energy savings, save money after several years, current rebate from ComEd, and we have wind sourced electricity. Especially concerned about reliability and durability due to Chicago winters. Also a new model and apparently the first that can be used with any other brand AC/furnace. Anyone have experience?
  16. Ditto. That old paperback is and has been a foot away from me on my bookshelf, every morning as I ride my old man exercise bike.
  17. Local news says Rondo is practicing. May play with his broken thumb.
  18. Marched for science with the wife and daughter, friend, and fellow geeks. Funniest moment was running into my daughter's 5th grade teacher last year with her partner who was carrying a sign with the following elements and words: Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium Trump/Spence
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