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  1. Can you put me down for 4 grhv, 2 grlv78xx, 2 grlv79xx, 2 main board, 2 mini t2 Thanks!
  2. Why not select the EML 300b-mesh? I am currently using Tung-Sol BGRP with EML-300b mesh. This is my preferred combination -- I prefer the EML 300b mesh to the KR PX4 (but I believe it's only a matter of taste). The only driver tube I prefer over the BGRP is the Marconi-Osram B65. On the other hand, I haven't tried the 300B-XLS.
  3. XXII

    Speaker Porn

    Just in case anyone is actually interested, see the disclaimer on Kr Audio
  4. Try Settings->Advanced->Squeezebox Server->Wipe and Rescan
  5. I was at the big Yodobashi in Osaka a year ago and they had practically all the in production high-end cans (Stax, Grado,....) connected to Marantz SACD players
  6. You can do this with a PS3 that plays SACDs: Ripping SACDs via SPDIF at 176.4 with a PS3 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio Then you can play a 176.4 downsample of DSD on one of your DACs. A PS3 is probably the cheapest way to do this.
  7. I used a Beta22+srd-7 pro to drive my O2 Mk1 for about month. It actually sounded a lot better than I thought it would: only slightly dark and less refined. I preferred the O2 Mk1 in this setup to the HD800 so I ended up getting a KGSS and selling my HD800 and Beta22. The KGSS, of course, is a huge improvement.
  8. I heard that it was supposed to be significantly worse than the SFD-2...but the Audiogon one is selling for a really incredible price. I would have gone for it if it was 220V.
  9. Well according to the man himself, he did design it: Lavry Engineering
  10. I don't see what the problem is. The OP bought the amp after reading a HPA review on it and he's very happy with it. Shouldn't this mean that his review did a good job? I, personally, wouldn't buy something solely based on HPA's recommendation but if the newbies want to listen to HPA, why stop them?
  11. Could you elaborate a bit more on the sound improvements of your modification? Are we really talking about PS-1/HP-1000 level? What is the difference between SR-325i and MS-2 as the base model?
  12. Interesting impressions Shelly. Have you heard the W5000s? I felt that the A2000X shared more with the W5000 than the AD2000. In the end, I decided to keep the W5000 and sell the A2000X.
  13. So which is it Larry? JH13 or HD800? I was set on the HD800 for a while but all this JH13 talk is really making me have doubts...
  14. This thread is messing with my head. I just managed to get my hands on my dream amp (a 4-board B22)....and you guys are saying I should ditch everything for a Pico slim and a JH13? Is there nothing left for full-sized headphones?
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