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  1. Sonny Rollins - Way Out West - I'm An Old Cowhand Curtis Counce - You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce - Stranger In Paradise Bill Evans Trio - Portrait In Jazz - ANY TRACK Cannonball Adderley feat. Bill Evans - Know What I Mean? - ANY TRACK QUEEN - Greatest Hits - ANY TRACK Art Pepper - +11 - Four Brothers Herb Alpert - Casino Royale - Theme Song Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me - On The Road To Mandalay Nat King Cole - Greatest Hits (DCC) - Any Track Except for the DCC - all are custom remasters by me.
  2. Got caught up with some orders. Applied for a Hollywood audio job in post production. *crosses fingers*
  3. Quick answer - it depends. The mono versions were the versions that the Beatles actually heard and gave their ok on. The stereo versions were an after thought. Also, the mono's have better sound quality than the stereo versions up until Sgt. Pepper for most audiophiles. Moreover, EMI claims that the mono remasters have not been altered in any way.
  4. Sad day indeed. The king of pop is dead. I'm from the generation that grew up watching him in awe and listening to his music. I have done custom remasters of Of The Wall, Thriller and Bad. On the night of the 24th I was remastering his Jackson 5 stuff. May he rest in peace.
  5. Finally got out today after being really sick with the flu for the past week. Someone at CanJam must have passed it off to me.
  6. I haven't posted much here but I gotta say the following: It was a real blast meeting some of you. I didn't get to meet all of you but I did enjoy finally meeting some of you. I hope it's not the last time I see you guys in person. I just wish I had more time to hang out with all of you a lot more than the brief intro's we had.
  7. Yeah - let me convince you further. The JH13 is aural sex indeed. It sounds awesome. Jerry Harvey is also one hell of a nice guy. So....1) Nice guy, 2) selling awesome sounding aural sex IEM that beats out every other IEM out there = 3) A must buy! Start penny pinching (no more Mochalattechino VentiGrande), bring out the Ramen for a few months and buy them!
  8. Probably a good thing you didn't. Saves you $1,100.00!
  9. And I agree with everyone else. These are THE IEM's to get. The tonal decay and the accuracy these things have left me speechless. I played some recordings I know by heart, some that I have spent hours working on and the JH13 played them better than almost every full size can I have heard and certainly better than any IEM I have ever heard - including my beloved UE-10's. I too am saving to order a pair. Please buy my remasters so I can order a pair.
  10. That's an awesome picture! Too bad I wasn't there.
  11. That was a great day for you Steve! I'm happy that a nice guy I know won some great stuff!
  12. Thanks! This really helped out!
  13. Awesome! This sounds promising!!! Thanks!
  14. The line above my last post should read: "I want to set-up the following using Maximus Arcade". Individually, all the emulators work, but getting them to run a single program is hard.
  15. Well, after a night of reading, I have the following set-up using Maximus Arcade: 1. For NES: ROCKNESx 2. For SNES: ZSNES 3. For Genesis: Gens 4. For Sega Master: FREEZESMSV46 5. For Turbo Grafx: PCE 6. For NeoGeo: NeoRageX5.0 7. For GameBoy: KigB That's about all I have. I still need others like Saturn, N64, Playstation and MAME. I got MAME32 but I am having trouble configuring it to work with my cheap Logitech playstation-like game pad. I'll keep at it though.
  16. Thanks! I'll give that a shot.
  17. I ask because I want to learn how to do this. I don't know which emulators are the best nor how to work them. Any help?
  18. LFF

    slow forum

    Thanks. LOL! Sorry - didn't mean to make you lose your appetite. Funny thing - we saw that video right before lunchtime too. I think I was the only who actually ate something that day.
  19. LFF

    slow forum

    Seriously - what the hell is wrong with these people! Friend of mine nearly threw up but I thought it was kind of funny. Extreme stuff for me was some stuff I saw on Rotten.com, Ogrish, Consumption Junction and other interesting sites featuring videos and pictures. I've seen it all - live executions, torture, accidents, murder, animal torture, decapitations, etc. You name it and I have probably seen it. Probably the worst I have ever seen was Yeah - I'm really desensitized to the point of no return. And yes - I had lots of pre-marital sex. I think I could have been an awesome government hitman. Thankfully, I love music a hell of a lot more than death.
  20. Sincere condolences. Lt Col. Kenneth Mueller sounds like the kind of guy I would consider a real hero. I don't drink much, but I'll have one in his honor. It really saddens me when I hear a WWII vet has passed. A big salute and toast to your father Ken, Lt. Col Mueller.
  21. Happy Birthday Dude! Hope you have many, many more!
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