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  1. Wow, Larry, still hard to believe. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck. Recovery will suck, but the fact that neither of you sustained any major head or neck injuries is a damn miracle.
  2. Jesus Christ, Larry. The shit just keeps piling up for you. Just keep the spirits up and know that this will be one hell of a story to tell someday. Best of luck and here's to a speedy recovery.
  3. We have not had cable in our house since we bought it (about 2 years). I do not watch much TV, but everything I want to watch (Daily Show, Colbert, How It's Made, and other science-nerd shit) is covered by Hulu and Netflix subscriptions. So we are at about $75 a month total for that at a 54Mbit/s (speedtest measured) connection. We catch most stuff after the fact, so cable is no big deal. Oh, and I always haggle annually with Time Warner over the price. They always want to jack it up after the "promo" period is over. Fuck that. I'm nice but firm. Hell, I think we are paying less this year than last for a faster connection (if you can believe that)
  4. Not to mention the wear leveling algorithm used in all SSDs make sure that all cells used to the same degree. I used to be paranoid (and my X25-E had SLC chips and my 520 only has MLC), but now I could care less. SSDs are far and away more reliable than HDDs. Abuse the hell out of them; the average person will never reach the end of an SSDs rated erase cycle limit.
  5. Nope. After support runs out, your computer bursts into flames and your bank accounts are drained. I would not chance it. You'll be fine. Just don't enter into any agreements with any Nigerian princes or shit like that. I'm still on 7, and I see no reason to upgrade to any of the turds Microsoft has foisted onto us as of late.
  6. Sorry to hear of your troubles, Larry. Here's to a quick (and cheap) resolution. Having said that, I can not, for the life of me, understand why protesters want to block traffic, especially a freeway. There are right ways and wrong ways to get people on your side. If I was stuck on the freeway, I would be pissed. While I will hold my thoughts on the Ferguson mess, the non-indictment in the Garner case is a goddamn travesty. I know there are many good cops out there, but fuck, they could really use some better PR lately.
  7. It's their money of course, but I really wish they would educate themselves and focus on the entire recording process rather than the flashy end product. Or they could just tape a few $100 bills to their headphones...
  8. I see it as a way of capitalizing on the ridiculous arms race of bitrate/bit depth. None of it is necessary.
  9. "As sample rates increase to 192, 384, 768 and even 1536 using 24-bit or 32-bit words, audio files are getting huge! What if you could scale the encoding of a piece of music according to how much information is present at each frequency range and at each stage in the production/distribution chain?" What if you fucking realized that anything more than 24/96 or 24/192 is a waste of space? What a concept.
  10. This. So fucking this. This shit better give free blowjobs to be worth all this. So glad I got a refund.
  11. A couple of passes with this from about arm's length should take care of the dust that is able to be blown off. I use one to clean out my computer. You could then use a Q-Tip for any surface that you want immaculate. Canned air can be a bit dangerous if accidentally used upside down so that liquid could spray out.
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