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  1. When we were at Disneyland over Christmas Break, I was blown away by how many people had Go Pros on selfie sticks. What's become of this culture. Just go ask a nice stranger to take your damn picture. I still do that.
  2. Happy birthday to the bringer of everything obscure and random from the interwebs. Hope it is a good one I got yous "click for slightly larger" righ heeyahh...
  3. This does not surprise me in the slightest. When laws like Dodd-Frank pass, you just know it is a matter of time before it gets neutered by crooked politicians and the backers that got them into power. This is not just a U.S. thing. It is a by-product of globalization and loopholes that the big players get to take advantage of. I have no problems with very wealthy people having shit loads of money; I have a problem with the mentality of it being okay to fuck over loads of people to get there. I respect small and larger companies that work toward long term goals of slow steady growth and stability, but people like those in the linked article are loathsome.
  4. As far as housing market, I can only speak to my area (So. Cal) but it seems like we are headed for another bubble. The prices are going back up, albeit not as rapidly as the 2004-2008 insanity. Some of the homes in our area for sale are going for, "you want how much fucking money?..." kind of prices. Investors, speculation, and comps. The holy trinity of bending you over...
  5. I'm not sure you ever mentioned what it was, Dusty, so the mini saga had me intrigued. Could have been an autographed picture of Grumpy Cat for all I knew Glad it ended well.
  6. Why would it not show up? Wrong address? Sloppy handwriting? Sent via DHL?
  7. Sounds like you have it all together, Larry. Just keep the "it'll get better..." drumbeat going, because it will. There will be light at the end of this long and shitty tunnel.
  8. Good thing you are a buyer. Whatever happens, ebay/PayPal will rule in your favor.
  9. Not necessarily today, but eh... Two nights ago, my wife and I stayed up until 1AM wrapping gifts. I am pretty good at it, and so is my wife. I hate it, but she loathes it, so I usually do most of them. This is when my annual "Fucking Christmas..." grumbling comes out Yesterday, we took the trio to Disneyland and left the twins with her sister. For once, we did not have to worry about stroller parking and all that. We stayed the whole day, and it was a blast. Busy as hell, but when is it not? I think this about sums up how everyone enjoyed themselves:
  10. If towers can give you a childish smile while listening to Forty Six & 2, then they are keepers. Hard to get that song sounding just right.
  11. Could you not select all the text in the PDF and paste into something else?
  12. If you are wanting to keep an evolving piece of work, I do not think this program is what you want. If there is a way to at least export the text out in any way, you can rebuild your format using a program that will let you make edits. I think Dan is right, you might want to invest the time now, get what you can, and try doing what you want using another program. Sucks, but that's the way I see it. And nowhere on your campus has InDesign? Insanity.
  13. Crappy, honest question: is there a reason why you did not use a real publishing program to begin with? This iBooks program seems a bit, I dunno, Hallmark-ish. Regardless, if there is no workaround, that sucks. Is there any way to do a copy and paste of the text at least? Then you can rebuild the format and not have to type everything all over again? Oh, and Fuckity fuck fuck for empathy's sake.
  14. So let me get this straight: Take the most true to source digital file, give it the glorified MP3 treatment, dither it, and, dare I presume, EQ it, and call it better than the original? Or put it another way, it's the snake oil bullshit version of FLAC. Finally, the entire concept of streaming audio to a high end home setup is lost on me. You are already tethered to your system; you aren't going anywhere. Load that shit up on your HDD, and, as Posty said, who gives a shit how big the file is? If you can afford Meridian's crapola, then a few TB of spinning aluminum (or MLC memory cause it sounds better) is not going to matter much.
  15. Ahhh, Light Harmonic! Todd, you evil fucker I had my fill of Benihana and then some. Plus birthday cake. I'm happy. Thanks all.
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