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  1. among other more mundane things... installed a carbon monoxide detector in our house because it is now the law in California. made reservations for tomorrow night at animal -- http://online.wsj.co..._share_facebook getting ready to bathe the pug then off to do a little crossfit before dinner...
  2. earlier i had some coconut water and now i've moved onto mountain valley spring water.
  3. thanks! your knife is an absolute pleasure to work with, btw. the more i use it, the more and more i am impressed by how much easier and cleanly it slices and chops thing up than any other knife i've used.
  4. organic, grass fed, free range beef liver (that I pre-soaked in organic sugar free almond milk) then cooked medium rare in bacon fat with an organic apple cider vinegar and soy sauce reduction infused with fresh garlic chips. this is probably the best tasting liver i've ever cooked. zucchini cooked in coconut oil infused garlic then covered with uncured organic bacon bits.
  5. no.... it's just that sprouted is better
  6. it was a sad, sad realization when i discovered, to my horror, that the WFs in Mayberry didn't have my poison of choice.
  7. want! eating a tasty ny strip medium rare and spinach with garlic
  8. tried it, didn't like it, as it only had itty bitty bacon bits.
  9. you got me away from eating steaks medium to now having them medium rare, but i don't know if i could get to the point of eating them very rare.
  10. Have a very Happy Birthday!
  11. hey now, the bacon and eggs were organic and free-range, plus the bacon was uncured. and i love meat, just had a super tasty and juicy ribeye for lunch, and i certainly, love good bbq. i might be able to swing out to the village on July 7 or 8th. maybe, sometime, we can all make it to my favorite bbq place, which is on crenshaw blvd.
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