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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a wonderful day with friends and family and good eats.
  2. It's a bit upsetting reading so many people harping over fucking twinkies! What about the 18,000 people that lost their jobs because the union wouldn't compromise.
  3. i like the 869 unread emails
  4. 626+8 = 634 Joann and I met at UCLA while taking a Jazz Appreciation class during the summer session. She was a biochemistry major (south campus) and I was an english major (north campus), but for this elective we probably never would have crossed paths. We've been living together now for nearly 13 years and married a little more than eight years. I still feel fortunate that she agreed to marry me and consider her my best friend.
  5. I made two court appearances this morning, a marijuana DUI and the other opposing a domestic violence restraining order. The petitioner in the restraining order case is a porn star/prostitute, which makes for some interesting facts to say the least. Then I went to Beverly Hills to get my haircut at Gornik & Drucker, Bill Gornik use to cut Ronald Reagan's hair. Afterwards, I headed to Westwood to settle some pressing business at the Federal Building. Now I am return calls and potential client calls and getting ready for my wife to come home and grab something good for dinner with her.
  6. So glad I left AT&T, regardless of the fact that I was grandfathered in on the unlimited data plan and I could talk and use data at the same time. My data speeds on the LTE are four to eight times faster than my wife's AT&T iPhone 4S. And my reception and call quality are absolutely stellar. I am very pleased with my decision to switch to Verizon.
  7. i have an iPhone 4 and the battery just doesn't seem to last past 2 pm during my regular work day, so I am itching for the new iPhone 5. also, I am likely going to switch from at&t (and yes I have the unlimited data plan) over to verizon because i believe their call quality and reception is far superior.
  8. It looks awesome, I can only imagine how good it must taste.
  9. checking out the recommendations -- thank you.
  10. Since starting my own law firm, I've started to drink coffee again, particularly one large ice coffee from Starbucks. I don't think it's such a good thing because I feel like I am becoming dependent on the caffeine again or put another way -- addicted.
  11. thanks, Dan, i'll pass on the link to her. it's really neat that it's made out of real bamboo.
  12. Just got my wife the new iPad for her birthday and she is thinking about getting a case, any recommendations? We've yet to do any research, so any reliable sources for reviews would be appreciated as well.
  13. happy belated birthday!
  14. you should set up a slip and slide in that hallway!
  15. http://www.doh.state...ity/indoor-air/ http://www.doh.state...rkplaceinfo.htm http://www.osha.gov/...-quality-sm.pdf http://www.legalmatc...ir-quality.html http://www.doh.state.fl.us/environment/community/indoor-air/mold.htm http://www.epa.gov/iaq/states/florida.html
  16. what state are you in? in California we have CalOSHA, which would be the one of the first places i'd seek for assistance or advice. http://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/calOSHAemployeerights.html
  17. the rMBP display is absolutely stunning, makes everything else look like shit and even some programs that aren't yet fully optimized to work with it. plus the operating speed is super lightening fast. it's just a bit weird getting use to not having an optical drive then having to hook one up every time i need to spin a disc, which isn't all too often. i am really, really pleased with my decision to get one.
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