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  1. Jacob, i am sorry to hear about what happened. at least she was just at her sister's. i'd say let this one go, make-up and move forward. and you might want to prepare yourself for some more unusual behavior before the wedding as it is to be expected. keep your cool, be the mature one, show compassion and don't look for accountability...
  2. i am confused is this a hard core audio site or soft core porno
  3. tonight i installed google chrome and almost immediately realized it is not optimized to work well with the retina display. in nutshell, chrome makes text look blurry, choppy and noticeably pixelated. initially, i had thought there was something amiss with my display, but after switching back and forth Safari offers, without question, substantially better resolution and text clarity.
  4. the display is utterly amazing -- it is as if i have super vision with unsurpassed clarity. additionally, i've yet to experience any noticeable lack time, whatsoever, with opening or using applications. so far, i am tickled pink.
  5. thanks, Mike. i am still a carnivore, i doubt i could ever give up eating meat. great scene, love that flick. no watermark, but i suspect i am substantially more obsessed with design, paper and ink than most folks. if i can manage, my next set of business cards will be letterpress.
  6. during my lunch hour, i swung by the Glendale Americana Apple store and purchased a retina display macbook pro.
  7. i would like to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday. yesterday, was a great day.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwmJ5t_l-Ys
  9. thanks for the help, so now the decision is between the base retina display macbook pro or the top air.
  10. i've never repaired a laptop beside upgrading ram, but my current laptop, the first MacBook Pro unibody, needs a new optical drive and before that i've had to send a few laptops back to Apple during the warranty and/or extended care coverage. i will be using the laptop as my primary computer for personal and work, so internet, legal research, writing docs and trial preparation. i have an imac and i am getting ready to sell it because it is rarely used. i really like the ability to be mobile (office, home office, conference room, kitchen table, etc..) and since it's would be my only computer the bigger screen would be easier on my eyes. i am planning to buy an iPad too, but the laptop is more pressing.
  11. i am long overdue for a new notebook, but have some reservations about the new retina display macbook because most specifically it is claimed to be the "least repairable laptop every," though, the display is a thing of sheer beauty. so should i get the 15-inch 2.3 GHz Retina display, the 15-inch 2.3 GHz or a refurbished 17-inch 2.5 GHz MacBook Pro?
  12. i really appreciate the birthday wishes.
  13. thanks, Al. this evening i probably will have a dram of Glenrothes 1985 to celebrate.
  14. 909

    On Bacon

    WANT! can you buy that online? if so, please post the link.
  15. i don't know about that, but it should be decent enough, though, definitely different... how about some coconut charcoal? http://www.alibaba.c...t_Charcoal.html
  16. Mike that brisket looks so damn juicy and tender! when done right bbq brisket is absolutely amazing eats.
  17. no worries.... there's always a next time.
  18. shit, i thought the meet was scheduled for today, the 28th of May. my car is packed with my gear (HD2, Reimyo, L3000s, etc...) and before i left i needed the meet address and decided to check the thread again, so glad i did... immediately, i see that great after meet photo and commentary then check the first post only to see that the meet date had been changed about a month after my request post to attend and i believe no where else because i would have changed the date on my calendar. well, i am sorry i missed it and it looks like everyone had a fabulous time.
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