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  1. Yas. newvelle volume 1 jazz comp
  2. Damn and I thought my Pangea rack was enough. I need to step up my wooden base turntable game.
  3. Holy smokes it appears as if we are actually talking about gear and doing sound comparisons and showing off our vinyl rigs. I like this version of 2010
  4. Fancy! I have the settle for the green reissue from RSD. Jealous! From newvelle records - Andy Zimmerman “half light”, beautiful thing I can’t quite describe, essentially a jazz/classics thing but really defies genre.
  5. You said budget LOL. This is headcase and Jim doesn’t follow budgets. Yup. I mean you’ve already got a killer setup id imagine on the digital side, so I’m assuming the TT is really secondary listening as well as to get your son hooked onto something.
  6. Makes the Sony 1000mx4 seem like a bargain
  7. Nitty Gritty courtesy of Stretch from a while back. If I was going new, I’d be looking at the Okki Noki or one of those new Project VCS models (the nicer aluminum one). The standard VPI 16.5 usually can be had for a decent used price as well, and I can vouch for the Nitty Gritty and all their various models, which basically the Record Doctor thing Steve posted above essentially is.
  8. If you want Christmas without the normal schtick: very creative arrangements and if you’re familiar with Elling, his vocal styling is in a class of its own.
  9. How user friendly are you wanting this thing to be? I'm a technics fanboy myself simply because they are stupidly easy to use and setup, require no maintenance, will most likely last longer then you will be alive (sorry), and the direct drive ensures that pitch won't get all wobbly or fluttery on you. Technics has the new models of various price points which are all quality, or you can go old school Mk2 on the used market to practice your wicka-wicka for your upcoming rave or techno dance party.
  10. Looks great! Gotta love the use of the fozometer thingy to make sure the stereo separation is on point. (also, I believe that the unit is not degrees, but in DB, so the stereo separation from Left to Right is at -40DB (at least) which yes I'd agree is pretty solid)
  11. He's a jazz lover - I'll accept it
  12. Doing dinner prep - prepping a traditional style Filipino adobo with chicken thighs. Currently marinating in soy, white vinegar, garlic and bay leaf. While the thighs are cooking, I’ll reduce that marinade down to a glaze, and serve over rice.
  13. Record Store Day Drop #3! Hit up 2 places, all well coordinated and managed and excelllent Covid protocols. Was basically able to grab most of what I was looking for
  14. And of course you had to have a book matched pair for the faceplates. Got damn it’s gorgeous.
  15. Subscribed. Instant buy
  16. That appears to be one of the better developments with the new Kef wireless 2, in that they’ve completely redesigned a new app to replace the two apps I believe you had to use before.
  17. That would definitely work - but I don't think I would be able to play SACD over it I don't have a huge amount by any stretch, but apparently I am a sucker for dead-ass formats like vinyl so I might as well kill another part of the music budget through SACD's lol. My hope was that the new Kefs will allow me to do all the good stuff, remove a shit load of boxes from the family room and make the wife and fam happy, and that the hdmi input would allow me to play SACD (cant do that over optical/coaxial).
  18. OK, HC hive, I am trying to figure something out with these... The hdmi input on these new versions sounds like it could basically be the center of my TV/apple TV/oppo setup, and can take all the hifi downstairs away from the fam and have a pretty clean setup for our general family purposes of cartoons, netflix, and movies. Currently, we basically stream virtually everything from our Apple TV (we cut cable a while back), which feeds the hdmi input of my oppo 103 (it does that video processor upscaling thingy), and that feeds hdmi to the panny plasma. I've got the oppo feeding my wyred4sound dac/pre thingy which then feeds the rest of the hifi. My first thought is that I can used the dual hdmi outputs of the oppo, with hdmi 1 sending video to the panny, and hdmi 2 sending audio into the new KEFs. However, the KEF connectivity guide says that the hdmi input doesn't support hdmi audio, but can handle two channel PCM. The hdmi label is "TO TV", so I'm wondering if its meant to be connected to the hdmi arc input from a TV, and not necessarily in the manner that I'm proposing above. I could ask a local KEF dealer but I don't have much faith that they would know what I'm talking about. Please send halp.
  19. Spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
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